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Format: 2014-04-20
Format: 2014-04-20
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  • With the Shanghai World Expo 2010 fast approaching, architects are jumping in on the "Better City, Better Life" theme with concepts like this Shanghai Corporate Pavilion. The plans include many green features, including a structure made from recycled CD cases. Dubbed the "Dream Cube", Shanghai Corporate Pavilion is an eco-environmental architecture which features smart technology, fantastic mood and interactive experience.

  • Still remember the first day of operations for Shanghai's latest new amusement park, Happy Valley (warning: terribly designed and very slow flash site). But the first day was not as successful as planned, about everything that could go wrong went wrong. The Shanghai Daily had an amusing story from a reporter that went to check out the park.
  • Through one year’s visiting, 11 judges’ screening and selection and the votes from tens of thousands of readers within two months, the 2009 TimeOut Best Bars of Shanghai Awards Ceremony sponsored by SEEC Media Group “Timeout Shanghai” came to an end. On August 6th, 2009, the ceremony was held in ARK Bar & Lounge in Shanghai and produced 19 awards in which M2, MINT, Sin Lounge, Baby Face, Pavillon (by Costes paris), Bar Rouge, Brown Sugar, Jade on 36, NO.88, and the Glamour Bar have won top 10.

  • Shanghai as one of fast economic growth metropolis city in China, attracts more and more foreigners to live and work here.

    The registered number of foreigners living in Shanghai has been rapidly rising in recent years. There are more than 152 thousand foreigners stay in Shanghai as the end of 2008, 12.5% increased from 133 thousand foreigners in Shanghai in 2007, according to yearly statistics from Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Statistics.

  • Quiet in the compound 2009-07-30 13:26

    Next week it's one year ago since we moved into our new house. It was the first time for us to live in a typical expat compound, but although I was skeptical at first I quite enjoy the convenience of living in a gated community and I also met a couple of new friends here (both expats and entrepreneurs). The interesting thing about an expat compound is that you don't really live in China. Not only does everything work most of the time (and if not a repair man shows up within minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), but it also looks like you are not in China. Big houses with gardens, lots of trees, hardly any traffic or people, and waking up from singing birds instead of cars blowing their horns. I like it, but I sometimes miss living downtown as well, where it was never really quiet but where the views from our penthouse apartment were unbeatable.

  • The reason I love business world is, you have to reach a level of excellency in digging into details of all the aspects of your business to really be able to deliver a world class product or services. I tend to practice this skill in worlds other than business. Transportation of large cities is one of the area I spent a lot of time thinking. Here is one of my observation.

  • The real estate market in Shanghai enters into another crazy period. No matter how many experts or the government official expected the house price will go down, it continued to raise like crazy.

  • The Colours of Shanghai 2009-06-24 10:58

    It's been either cloudy or  raining  for a few days. The colour of Shanghai during the day is gray - especially at dusk before all the lights on the buildings are turned on. From my window the whole Bund area and Pudong look like a dead city at  dusk - gray and gostly. That always reminds me of an evil city on a remote planet and it is some new age movie.

  • This neighbourhood series will profile some of the important expat neighbourhoods. It will introduce newcomers to spots they should check out, and old-timers to a bit of history behind their favorite hangouts.

    Xujiahui is a bustling commercial district. In English it is known as Ziccawei. It is easy to get there because it has a subway stop named after it on line one. But that station has over 14 exits, so where does the actual neighbourhood start and stop?

  • Xintiandi 2009-06-19 10:14

    This is a tourist hot-spot. Foreigners come from all over to enjoy the old shikumen buildings, patios, and coffee shops. But let’s start this neighbourhood profile where most expats will start their experience: the subway.  

    I guess you might take a taxi too. But the closest subway stop to Xintiandi is Huangpi Road South, on line one. This subway station has the smallest number of exists I have seen yet – only three! If you take exit one you will arrive in the Shanghai Central Plaza, on the corner of Huahai Road and Madong Road. This shopping center is full of designer clothing stores with names like Moiselle or Marisfrolg. There are also jewelry stores and very expensive restaurants, and of course, a Starbucks.