Shanghai City

Format: 2014-07-30
Format: 2014-07-30
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    The leading Spanish hotel brand, Gran Meliá Hotels and Resorts, has started the expansion of its regional presence in Asia with its newest five-star hotel, Gran Meliá Shanghai, the brand's first property in China, open on December 12th 2009. It provides various access to the city's many cultural, entertainment and shopping attractions, accommodating discerning guests and business travelers from around the world.

  • Strolling down the quaint and charming streets lined with tall plane trees in former French Concession area, you will get a taste of Old Shanghai far away from urban hustles and bustles. Wonderfully preserved old residences can be spotted everywhere; quite a few of them now house eclectic shops, delicate cafés and restaurants. Venturing into the hidden alleyways, or longtangs, you cannot only catch glimpses of local Shanghainese life, but also get the hints of the latest fashion in the world. Just dig in, the vibrant Huaihai Lu, coined the Champs-Élysées of Shanghai, as well as the trendy Changle Lu and Xinle Lu are a stone’s throw away, where the latest fashions are on display. But who still remembers the old names of these nostalgic roads in the neighbourhood?

  • Beggars in Shanghai 2009-12-30 11:06


    (From Urbanatomy) Beggars of all ages are a common sight for everybody living in a big city like Shanghai. It's a fact that we are sharing the same space and breathing the same air as this unique group of humankind, but as a result it is possible to feel somewhat intruded upon, even for just a few minutes at a time. Of course, we are good people, so we often feel something of a moral challenge to our conscience and sense of trust when faced with an imploring stranger. We are eager to figure out what is the right thing to do when encountering such situations.

  • Although a series of accidents of Metro 1 frustrated the traffic in Shanghai, the construction of transport still heads forward for Shanghai Expo in Shanghai, including metro lines, bund traffic, Minpu Bridge, C-shaped elevated walkway and road tunnel in Lujiazui Area, etc.

    Here is some information on Shanghai’s road renovation before 2010 World Expo, based on Shanghai Daily.

  • During the six months of the Shanghai 2010 Expo, a predicted 70 million visitors will browse through exhibits, performances and cultural exchanges from the 200 participant nations. Needless to say, they are sparing no expense in representing their nations and having their own take on the theme of “Better City, Better life,” displaying harmony between man and nature.

  • Jingle Bells All The Way 2009-12-24 10:55

    When you walk on the street, you’ll be overwhelmed by the Christmas ambience in every nook and cranny: golden, silvery, red, white, green, blue, all painted around the town. Shopping is one of the inevitable pastime activities for city dwellers. These days, major shopping malls have launched various promotions and events for the upcoming holiday season. Their shining decorations for Christmas are the big highlights for them and for the whole town as well.



    If you are looking for a comfortable, yet affordable accommodation in Shanghai, you must consider old houses in Shanghai. There are several reasons for preferring old houses over the new developments in Shanghai.

  • Shanghai has become the first city, who offers the social security system to the expat group. Based on the rule, foreigners and overseas Chinese who hold a Shanghai residence card and stay in a work contract with a Shanghai employer can now enjoy the city's social security and benefits, just as the local residents do.

  • How to Hail a Shanghai Taxi 2009-11-18 11:50

    (From Urbanatomy) It's raining. Bugger. That means essentially no taxis in the whole of Shanghai. Can't get one? Here's the dumbdown guide: Wrist action

    Stretch out your arm and flop your wrist downwards in the limpest, campest, most dramatic flurry you can muster. This will a) increase your visibility to drivers at least ten-fold and b) indicate that your journey is remarkably urgent, and ensure they come screeching to a halt beside you.

  • China's National Development and Reform Commission has approved plans for a Disney theme park in Shanghai, to be located in the city’s eastern Pudong area. It is a major step toward setting a deal for the long awaited project, which will cost an estimated $3.6 billion to build. A joint venture between Walt Disney and local Chinese enterprises will be formed to run the theme park, whose first phase will be open in about 5 years.