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Format: 2014-10-31
Format: 2014-10-31
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  • Trying to find a new home in China can be frustrating. Property agents work differently than in the West. Having worked in the expatriate property agency industry for many years and being an expat myself, I thought I would to try to help people understand what goes on inside the industry and what they can do to make their move to China a lot smoother and more enjoyable. So, if you are a bit bewildered by the choice of agents, here is some advice for you that I hope helps. You can also view rental listings on our website by clicking HOUSING in the main menu.

  • If you are reading this site, you may recently have heard those words in one form or another from your boss or prospective employer. Immediately, questions flood into your mind. You wonder whether this is a blessing or a curse. "What am I getting myself into?" "What did I do to deserve this?", "What will my spouse say?" A move to Shanghai from a foreign country is not without its challenges.
    However, we have some good news for you. Among all the Asian cities, Shanghai is one of the best for living and working. If you have been thinking about a change or a fresh chapter in your life, its hard to do any better than moving to Shanghai. There is a lot already written on this site about the city, but the scope of this short article is to highlight some of the things you will need to think about when planning a move to Shanghai. Hopefully, a few things we suggest might make life a bit easier and the move a little less shocking. Your move to Shanghai is the beginning of a great opportunity and memorable experience.

  • Shanghai, not unlike the rest of urban Asia, is steeped in the tradition of daily life conducted on the street. Shanghai's street life tradition is, for now, alive and well in the remaining pockets of laocheng, however most of these neighborhoods are slated for demolition within the next 3 or 4 years to make room for modernization.

  • With the Shanghai 2010 Expo now offically open, we take a closer look at one of the city’s historical buildings. The 3-year reconstruction of the Shanghai Culture Plaza is finally taking shape. As one of the city’s most famous cultural relics and a protected site, it will be one of the major venues due to host a variety of shows to the public in Shanghai.

  • After a 6-day trial for opening the Expo site, Expo authorities have received thousands of opinions in feedback, and from what we can tell, it has been less positive and more negative. As you have probably heard by now, thousands swarmed into the site and queued up outside for hours for either dining, or for visiting pavilions. Even for answering a call of nature you had people pushing back and forth while others jumped the queue. The chaotic scenes were similar to the Hong Kong Disneyland's trial run in 2005which in is one of the reasons why they have a trial. In order to make this long-anticipated 6-month Expo go more smoothly in Shanghai, the authorities have adjusted a lot based on the problems popping up in the trial run. As common visitors, they’ve also listed down several tips to make it better.
  • The King of Shanghai 2010-04-29 15:47

    icon_200_02If you’re looking for something interesting to do this holiday period away from the media circus that is the 2010 World Expo, why not check out some of Shanghai’s old history. We’ve come across a nice piece by a travel company who specialize in tours of the history of Shanghai. This is the kind of thing that they offer which I thought you may find interesting.

  • A Taste of the Old Shanghai 2010-04-22 15:38

    Shanghai is a special place, not only for being a large metropolis in China, but for its history. Shanghai's history permeates the air and adds a tremendous depth, for good or ill, to the feeling of being in this place.
    Old Shanghai was a very special time and place. The city was run by foreigners but was not a colony, most residents were Chinese but it was not ruled by China. It was the greatest city of Asia, completely eclipsing Hong Kong and Tokyo. It was one of the most cosmopolitan places that ever existed, full of growth and speculation, of rogues and adventurers, of color and life, and of poverty and death.

  • icon_200_02 With every day that passes we creep closer to the 2010 Expo, and for a long time, opinion has been split on how successful the half year event will be. Local Chinese have their own opinions with most thinking it will be a success. Most foreigners see it as a big waste of time and resources, with most Brits comparing the pavilions to a bigger, but prettier version that was the useless millennium dome. Having searching the internet I came across a short article from littleredbook which I thought you might be interested in. The writer highlights some interesting points which I think most expatriates would agree with, but whether his theory is correct or not only time will tell.

  • Beijing, March 17, 2010 - Disney-ABC International Television (DAIT) Asia Pacific has signed an agreement with Shanghai Media Group (SMG) for it to produce a local version of the popular ‘The Amazing Race’ series in China.

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    Despite it being illegal for motorbikes to offer a taxi service to the public-based on Chinese traffic regulations, the motorbike taxi business in town is booming; especially during the rush hours or on the rainy days. No-one likes to spend ages being stuck in one of Shanghai's infamous traffic jams, or be glad to be soaked by a heavy downpour resulting in you looking like you've had a fight with a fire hydrant. With other reasons motorbike taxis are becoming increasingly popular such as the convenience and flexibility they offer, we decided to look at this subject in more detail to see if we could give those who haven't tried their services, a heads up.