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Format: 2014-09-03
Format: 2014-09-03
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  • Beijing, March 17, 2010 - Disney-ABC International Television (DAIT) Asia Pacific has signed an agreement with Shanghai Media Group (SMG) for it to produce a local version of the popular ‘The Amazing Race’ series in China.

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    Despite it being illegal for motorbikes to offer a taxi service to the public-based on Chinese traffic regulations, the motorbike taxi business in town is booming; especially during the rush hours or on the rainy days. No-one likes to spend ages being stuck in one of Shanghai's infamous traffic jams, or be glad to be soaked by a heavy downpour resulting in you looking like you've had a fight with a fire hydrant. With other reasons motorbike taxis are becoming increasingly popular such as the convenience and flexibility they offer, we decided to look at this subject in more detail to see if we could give those who haven't tried their services, a heads up.

  • gran_melia_sha_3_200Shanghai, China (February, 2010) - Today, the leading Spanish hotel brand, Gran Meliá Hotels and Resorts, announced the expansion of its regional presence in Asia with its newest five-star hotel, Gran Meliá Shanghai, the brand's first property in China. The hotel's grand opening was on February 3rd 2010, and now provides effortless access to the city's various cultural, entertainment, and shopping attractions; accommodating guests and business travelers from around the world.

  • On January 4th 2010, the Expo organizers revealed Shanghai's exhibition theme "New Horizons Forever" in China's pavilion at the World Expo 2010. Shanghai is the second to last exhibitor in the group to unveil its theme and site plan, the final exhibitor being Beijing. In the area of 600sqm, the most eye-catching feature is the entrance resembling Shikumen. Translated it literally means ‘stone-gated house', a traditional style of housing in Shanghai. The design mixes both traditional Chinese styles and the more modern Western styles commonly found in Anglo-American countries. According to my sources, more than half of the professional designers, local and overseas, proposed to integrate elements of Shikumen in the final design. This was to highlight the local tradition and history of Shanghai, and express the recognition to the West for Shanghai's current culture and inspiration in the world.

  • The 2010 ICS Spring Festival Gala is ICS's special gift for this Year of the Tiger. Being the first and the most international Spring Festival in Shanghai, the gala takes the cue “When Chinese Red meets Western Blue”. Celebrities from all over the world fill the bill: hosts from ICS, Shun Za the singer with fans in both the east and the west, Shang Wenjie the Super Girl who shot to national fame, Michael Wong the movie star, and others. During the grand show, the King of Kunqu Zhang Jun has ‘When Jazz meets Kunqu Opera’, Shang Wenjie sings a duet with Michael Jackson, Michael Wong presents his special Jazz show, our well-known Australian host Anderson Cameron amuses us with “Western-style Shanghai Stand-up comedy”, and the world famous gastriloquist Beat-Box and HipPop-TaiJi startle the audience with their novel performance. The Glory of the World Expo pushes the gala to a new high, cheering for the 2010 Shanghai Expo in this super cultural salad bowl. Worth mentioning is most of the foreign performers speak Chinese while Chinese guests apply some western touches in return, demonstrating the blending of the two cultures. With the theme of “Love-Reunion”, the ceremony embraces happy and harmonious sentiments.

  • If you were in Shanghai this moment last year, you definitely heard of XiaoShengyang at Spring Festival Year Gala, the biggest entertainment event of Chinese tradition. Known for his gender-bending skits and memorably comic performance, he has become a household name. With this year’s gala around the corner again, most people are trying to figure out who will be on the star-studded line-up this time. [CNNGo ]

  • Pavilion Area: Around 3,000 Square Meters
    Designer: SWECO, Sweden
    Groundbreaking Date: April 20, 2009
    Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site
    Profile Highlights: Energy-saving Wood


    The leading Spanish hotel brand, Gran Meliá Hotels and Resorts, has started the expansion of its regional presence in Asia with its newest five-star hotel, Gran Meliá Shanghai, the brand's first property in China, open on December 12th 2009. It provides various access to the city's many cultural, entertainment and shopping attractions, accommodating discerning guests and business travelers from around the world.

  • Strolling down the quaint and charming streets lined with tall plane trees in former French Concession area, you will get a taste of Old Shanghai far away from urban hustles and bustles. Wonderfully preserved old residences can be spotted everywhere; quite a few of them now house eclectic shops, delicate cafés and restaurants. Venturing into the hidden alleyways, or longtangs, you cannot only catch glimpses of local Shanghainese life, but also get the hints of the latest fashion in the world. Just dig in, the vibrant Huaihai Lu, coined the Champs-Élysées of Shanghai, as well as the trendy Changle Lu and Xinle Lu are a stone’s throw away, where the latest fashions are on display. But who still remembers the old names of these nostalgic roads in the neighbourhood?

  • Beggars in Shanghai 2009-12-30 11:06


    (From Urbanatomy) Beggars of all ages are a common sight for everybody living in a big city like Shanghai. It's a fact that we are sharing the same space and breathing the same air as this unique group of humankind, but as a result it is possible to feel somewhat intruded upon, even for just a few minutes at a time. Of course, we are good people, so we often feel something of a moral challenge to our conscience and sense of trust when faced with an imploring stranger. We are eager to figure out what is the right thing to do when encountering such situations.