Moving to Shanghai

Moving to Shanghai

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“It's not about you being able to handle the weather walking to and from work. It's about your wife being able to get out and about to do the things she will need/want to do with a young child in tow (particularly one that can't walk distances yet). It's like this:
If you live someplace 'downtown', i.e., somewhere in Puxi that is more strictly urban lifestyle, you can walk/have a short mass trans hop to work, and you're sorted. But what do you imagine your wife will be doing all day? The more central city areas are a nightmare for buggies. The sidewalks are crowded and narrow, with any number of random obstructions in the way, and forget the idea of anybody courteously moving aside to let a buggy have right of way. (More likely they will actively jump straight into your path.)”

“If you live in one of the more suburban areas, you will still have shops and restaurants nearby, ish, and you can live someplace where you have easy access to a metro station for your daily commute. Your wife will then have wide open, stroller friendly streets to wander, but she is not going to always want to go to the same shops, the same cafes every day; she will connect with other mums, want to go to mother and baby groups, soft play centres, etc that will be further afield. And, the weather will be a factor for her, in deciding whether to take your child out into the heat/rain. She can get a taxi, if you're ok with the idea of her having the child in her lap in the back of a taxi (probably with no seat belt, certainly no car seat.)”

“Ultimately, you're likely going to have to work out together where each of your priorities ranks in relation to eachother. Good luck though, keep asking questions and looking around and eventually you find a location that works for you. We all do.”

“Taxis start at 12rmb, and if you are used to Paris taxi prices, you will find taxis here VERY cheap in comparison. Buses are 2mb, subway 3rmb onwards. Ask if your husband's company will include driver's allowance, you can get a driver and his car and petrol etc for about 8500rmb/month.”

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