Hospitals in Shanghai

Hospitals in Shanghai

By Mathew Klie-Cribb

A trip to the hospital is the last thing you want to do while in Shanghai. But sometimes it is inevitable. It can be hard to give your complete trust to a hospital with limited or no English speakers, especially with all the stories of hospitals running tests just to make money off your insurance. Some expats don't even have big insurance packages.

But which hospital is right for you - a local hospital, a VIP section of a local hospital, or an expat hospital? Here's what Shanghai Expat members had to say.

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If you want the best service without too much hassle then any one of the foreign hospitals can help.


Medical care is as much about communication as it is about actual care.

Global HealthCare
Room 301 Shanghai Kerry Centre, 1515 Nanjing Road West
Tel: 5298 6339

Most of the doctors here are from the US, Europe, or Japan, wrote pking0317. Snippets wrote that she had been to Global Healthcare many times and recommended Dr. Marcia Nelson. "If you need blood drawn ask for Vicki the nurse," wrote Snippets.

Shanghai Pain Clinic
388 Hongbaoshi Road, Changning District, 200336
Tel: 021 6209 - 2676
Website: Pain Cinic

Pain interferes with your normal daily life and you might have already found yourself isolated and depressed. Pain is your personal experience and you are the expert of your own pain. So, your pain is what you describe to us. We are here to help you understand your pain that may have confused you for some time now.

Wooridul International Spine Hospital
106 Shi Guang Yi Cun, Guohe Road
Tel: 400-670-6900

Wooridul International Spine Hospital (WISH) is the world leader in minimally invasive spine surgery. Patients come from all over the world with concerns about pain and numbness in the back, legs and arms to discover the origin of their discomfort.

World Link Medical Center (now known as Parkway Health)

The doctors are from all over the world and they rotate shifts, wrote Magnolia. I have heard less-than-stellar reviews from others but I am glad it is here and I do feel confident in their medical and dental services," wrote Magnolia.

World Link is over priced because there is not enough competition - it doesn't mean the quality is better, wrote Leah. It is similar to what expats are used to paying in the US, wrote Magnolia.

CanAM Medical Center
20/F, 966 Huaihai Zhong Lu
Tel: 5403 9133

This is a group of local, Japanese, Canadian, and US doctors, wrote snowbytes. If you are looking to vaccinate your child, CanAM is less expensive than World Link and they use imported vaccines (when the government allows them), wrote bobby22.

Shanghai East International Medical Center
551 South Pudong Road
Tel: 5879 9999

Many expats, such as noodles, iara, SaraC, and emmm wrote that they were unhappy with East International. But SaraC wrote, "there seems to be a mixed bag of great and not so great doctors at both Chinese and Western clinics."

East International has an orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor, and an osteopath, wrote DrShanghai.

Shanghai United Family Hospital 1139 Xian Xia Lu, Changning District
Tel: 2216 3900

This hospital is not cheap, but the level of care is great and Dr Ninny Ji is fantastic, wrote Sambo. Noodles wrote that she was happy with the way her ectopic pregnancy was treated at Shanghai United. Others like Trigeek and jeffo recommended Shanghai United as a maternity hospital. "Pay the extra 10,000 USD for Shanghai United and avoid the trauma and mistreatment of ignorant doctors and nurses," wrote kcfun06.


In general, the opinions seem to be local hospitals with foreigner clinics for minor problems, expat hospitals for major issues but expect to pay up the whazoo.

Sometimes the doctors you get for the inflated, VIP price are exactly the same as those you get for the Chinese price.
- LeiFeng

Huashan Hospital
13/F, Foreign Guest Building,12 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu
Tel: 6248 9999

Huashan hospital specializes in skin and heart problems, wrote bizw. "I'm pretty happy with their service and the doctors are good (and speak English)," wrote MahamYe. They charge 40 000 Rmb to deliver babies, wrote MahamYe. The quality of service varies, wrote LeiFeng. "I still tend to recommend Huashan to those looking for a midpoint," wrote LeiFeng.

Ruijin Hospital Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine
No.197, Rui Jin Er Road, Shanghai.
Tel: 6437 0045

Ruijin specializes in blood and burn treatment, wrote bizw. Dr. Verdo speaks Chinese, French, and English and takes very good care of everyone, wrote aidamnor. Many of the doctors are Chinese, but they speak English because they have studied in the US, wrote aloha99. "So far I've heard that the Eye clinic at Ruijin Hospital is one of the best in town," wrote aloha99.

Zhongshan Hospital Fudan University
80 Fenglin Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: 64041990

This is a very new and clean hospital, wrote bjohn888. It is also cheap, but the doctors speak little or no English, wrote foreverinchina. Local hospitals are not set up to do direct billing to your insurer, you have to submit the receipts yourself, wrote california2shanghai.

Renji Hospital
Huangpu district and Pudong new area, 145, Central Shandong Road
Tel: 63260930

Michael wrote that Renji hospital treated his visiting friend with a gastritis problem very well. "Renji in PuDong has a pretty good staff, many of the doctors foreign trained," wrote Michael.

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There is more expat hospitals than the ones you mentioned. For instance our hospital called Landseed Hospital services many expats in Shanghai for things like Chiropractic and many other health care needs.