SHEX Interviews: Cosmic Gate

SHEX Interviews: Cosmic Gate

By Sonia Su and Joe O'Neill

As you may have heard, the Electric Circus festival has been postponed to May 24th. Cosmic Gate would have been the headline act, but will now be playing at a pre-party at Mook on May 17th. We talked to the German trance duo ahead of their show, to find our more about what motivates them and what they’re expecting from Shanghai.

SHEX: What’s the inspiration behind your name, Cosmic Gate?

Cosmic Gate: When we started back in 1998, we both were running and producing several projects, and honestly just needed a name for this
new project. There is no special meaning or inspiration behind Cosmic Gate. It just fitted the feel of our track “The Drums” back then, and so we went for it, sure having no clue that 16 years later we still and even more would be known under this name...

SHEX: How would you compare yourselves to other current trance DJs?

Cosmic Gate: We do not really like to compare us to what other DJs do, neither in the trance, nor in the EDM scene in general, music is a very personal thing … We are simply just us, do what we think is right, produce and play music we think is good, and hope that people follow our music and DJ sets.

SHEX: How do your prepare before playing a show?

Cosmic Gate: Of course every week we search for new good released tracks, songs that fit our style and could be a good addition to our set. [It’s most important to us] to be in the venue on time, to feel the vibe, listen what the DJ before is playing, and see how the crowd reacts to certain things, simply also to get into the mood for our show. It is not perfect in our eyes to enter a club or festival and need to start a set right away, we want to feel what goes on first, and then make the right decisions [on] how to run our set.

SHEX: How would you describe the dynamic between the two of you?

Cosmic Gate: After so many years of working and touring together, we are something like a old married couple somehow… we know the other one very well, support [each other] in our strengths and weaknesses, exactly what a partnership is meant to [be].