On Top of the Bund: Bar Rouge

On Top of the Bund: Bar Rouge

By Joe O’Neill

Bar Rouge opened their new terrace in style last Friday, May 3rd. Soft saxophones and chilled beats lilted from the bar, while poised pole dancers lifted effortlessly into the night.

The view was as spectacular as ever; glittering lights like stars under the Pudong sky. Plush seating gazed out at the night scene, while cocktail mixers were spun and shaken at the bar.

The new terrace has been designed by Frederic Addey of Whisperism. Inspired by Greek mythology, he called the terrace concept “NYX” after Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night. The new design favours clean lines and well placed lighting.

A DJ booth has been incorporated into the terrace bar, which can be seen throughout the club. From the interior section, performers and DJ’s can be seen on the terrace bar, with the Pudong skyline in the background.

Another addition is the soon-to-open sushi room. The sushi room stands to the side of the terrace; customers will be able to order sushi directly to their tables. The sushi room will be open daily from 6pm to 1am and until 3am at weekends.

Bar Rouge

English address: 7/F, Bund 18, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Nanjing Dong Lu

Chinese address: 中山东一路18号

Phone number: 021 6339 1199