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5 Perks of Being an ESL Teacher



Melissa Hellmann

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Business and Career

Teaching ESL in Shanghai can be a great introduction to the city or it can lead to a fruitful career in education. The vocation has increased in popularity amongst both recent post-graduates and seasoned professionals seeking a break from traditional life. It can provide a stable position to those who want to live and work abroad. The most rewarding aspects of teaching are often intangible; an ESL teacher has the ability to change a learner's life forever. Developing a rapport with students and witnessing their progress is undeniably the most fulfilling part about being a teacher. Teaching ESL abroad is like traditional teaching's hip, older sister. Teaching English in China offers a unique allure ranging from the ability to travel to saving money. Here are 5 perks about being an ESL teacher:

1. Saving Money – As the world economy ebbs and flows, China's economy is growing at rapid speed. Many people turn to teaching ESL abroad to escape unemployment in their home country. ESL teachers are in constant demand in China as locals realize the opportunities that are available to fluent English speakers. Expatriates teaching in Shanghai also have the opportunity to make three to four times more money than the average Chinese person. As the price of living is low, those wishing to save money can easily curtail their expenses. Foreigners can afford to eat at restaurants every day or to have a private cook or cleaner.

2. Immersion – Teachers have the opportunity to be immersed in a rich and fascinating nation. Although it is easy to not practice Chinese in certain cities, many ESL teaching companies provide free Mandarin lessons for the workers. It is also easy to make local friends who enthusiastically share their culture. The variety of Chinese culture and landscape makes living in Shanghai constantly stimulating.

3. Benefit Packages – Foreigners teaching ESL in Shanghai are offered many benefits such as health care and flight allowance. Some companies also offer teachers accommodations or provide assistance in finding housing. Companies should provide a multi-entry Z visa which allows teachers to legally live and work in the country.

4. Tight-Knit Expatriate Community – With 1.3 billion people in the nation, one could feel anonymous amongst the masses. The tight-knit expatriate community allows ESL teachers to easily consort with English speaking friends. Many ESL teachers also have similar days off during the weekday. Expatriates are offered a more intimate perspective of large cities by having a smaller community.

5. Exploration of Interests – ESL teachers are able to incorporate their interests into the classroom. Music and art are especially relevant in the ESL classroom, as young students enjoy learning English in a fun and interactive environment.

Teaching ESL in Shanghai equips native English speakers with a competitive international edge. As more and more people turn to teaching abroad, the market has become more competitive. Although teaching ESL can provide a reliable source of income and steady lifestyle, it is up to the discretion of the applicant to choose a company or school wisely. Teaching abroad can provide direction for native English speakers who are seeking a life-changing experience.

EF English First is looking for dynamic, student-oriented English teachers who are serious about motivating students and having an impact on their lives. Positions are currently available in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou & Shenzhen to teach either adults or young learners.


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