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SHEX Workout Reviews: Alive Shanghai



Sonia Su

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Sports and Exercise

Jumping on a mini trampoline for an hour makes you rethink the possibilities for staying in shape. Taking my free trial session with Alive Shanghai’s popular Bounce class, I found myself breaking a sweat within the first ten minutes—and loving it.

As the health and fitness organization’s most popular class, Bounce involves jumping down into the trampoline (rather than jumping up as high as you can) to work the core, while repeating various movements to the beats of a soundtrack that changes every six to eight weeks, along with the routine.

Alive Shanghai founder Martina Klotz was the instructor for a Monday class at 7:15 p.m. where the maximum of ten women, mostly in their mid- to- late-twenties, came to try out the new routine. All except me and one other woman were regulars, Klotz said, but men are certainly allowed to join in on the fun. Apparently, I had chosen the ‘most intense class,’ but I was ready for the fun (and plenty of sweat) that awaited me.

Class started promptly at 7:15 p.m., with water breaks every five to ten minutes. I felt lucky to have joined right when the class was just beginning a new routine, since Klotz explained the movements, which progressively got more complicated and tougher. But given the low-impact nature of the workout, trampolining is especially fitting for those with joint problems.

Moving your arms and legs—while jumping to the beat of fast-paced songs—requires quite a bit of hand-eye coordination. At the same time, while there may be pressure to keep up with everyone else, Klotz made sure to point out easier alternatives to the more difficult movements.

By 8:10 p.m., we were on our backs on yoga mats folded on top of the trampolines, further working our cores with bicycle kicks, sit-ups and more. Finally, the popular song ‘Let It Go’ from the hit Disney movie ‘Frozen’ fittingly ended the workout, as we stretched and cooled down.

If the pace of the class doesn’t seem to suit you, Alive Shanghai offers other programs, including cardio barre, yoga, Pilates, Mix (a workout that changes every week) and Zumba. Originally only taught by Klotz, the classes now rotate among the five, professionally trained instructors.

Only within an hour after the end of the class, my muscles already felt sore—that’s when you know you had a good workout.

Packages are 1800 RMB for ten classes (1500 RMB for Lakeville residents). Otherwise, each session costs 200 RMB. Ten sessions of personal training at your home are also available for 4000 RMB total, or 450 RMB each.

For more information on classes and the weekly schedule, please visit the Alive Shanghai website.

Find Alive Shanghai in our listings here.


•     You will no doubt receive a vigorous and thorough yet fun workout with upbeat music.
•     You can take a free trial class for any of its programs, from Power Yoga to Zumba.
•     Special programs are available, including the Revive! Nutrition and Health program and summer bootcamp. Plus, class is free on your birthday.


•     Bouncing on a trampoline while doing various other movements will be very difficult (and not to mention dangerous—one woman slipped and fell back as we were tapping our feet on the edge of the trampoline) for those lacking hand-eye coordination. This class especially is the most intense of the ones offered.
•     The aerobics room can be hard to find, being in the basement of the Lakeville Regency’s clubhouse, which is itself inside a gated luxury apartment complex. You must enter Lakeville Regency through a nondescript back entrance on S. Huangpi Road.
•     The Bounce class size is limited to ten, so it may be difficult to reserve a spot last-minute.
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