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11 Best VPNs for China

The brainiacs over at Great Fire have done it again!


Dan Entwistle

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The days of having to listen to expats argue over who has the best VPN service may finally be coming to an end thanks to a new service launched by Great Fire.

Circumvention Central allows users to see which VPN services are the fastest, and/or most reliable, according to a series of tests that both the company and their users can conduct on the site. You can also filter the VPN results by platform (android/windows) and by price (free/premium). Once filtered you’ll be able to see which VPN option is currently the best for you.

According to Great Fire, the brains behind the new website, Circumvention Central measures a user’s VPN speed by testing how fast their computer connects to the world’s 10 most popular websites – Google, Facebook, YouTube, Baidu, Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia, QQ, Twitter and Microsoft Live. During their test they check that the information downloaded from those websites is correct. If not, it effects the VPN’s stability score.

Alright, alright, we know you can’t wait any longer. Here’s a list of the fastest, most stable VPN services currently on the market in China (as of the time of publishing).

1. Hide My Ass  - 494kbps - 98% stability
2. VyprVPN – 464kbps – - 98% stability
3. FreeBrowser – 431kbps – 83% stability
4. Astrill – 313kbps – 96% stability
5. Lantern – 255kbps – 94% stability
6. VPNSecure – 212kbps – 86% stability
7. Freegate – 180kbps – 93% stability
8. Ultrasurf – 204kbps – 81% stability
9. Psiphon – 176kbps – 88% stability
10. PureVPN – 145kbps – 93% stability
11. Tor – 128kbps – 97% stability

Of course several VPN providers, most noticeably Astrill, have complained in the past about journalists and individuals openly drawing attention to their services, claiming that it’ll result in the Chinese government cracking down on them. According to Great Fire, they don’t believe this to be the case: 

“It would be very easy to completely block all VPNs if the authorities wanted to. However, we believe that they have not because of the importance of allowing access for businesses and for others. The goal of CC is simply to make it easier for all to find the circumvention tools that work the best.”

Time will only tell if Circumvention Central will have an effect on the VPN services that make their cut - one thing’s for sure though, we’ll be checking out Hide My Ass next time our VPN lets us down!

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