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World's Largest Pot Used To Cook 26 Tons Of Soup At Liaoning Festival



Ben Cost

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Food and Drink

Weed may be illegal in China, but they still got a lotta pot. .....Chefs at the fifth annual Shenyang Kangping Wolong Lake Winter Fishing Festival in Liaoning grabbed headlines around the globe after they cooked 26 tons of fish stew in the world's largest iron cauldron. To put it in perspective, that's three African elephants worth of soup.

At 4.6 meters wide with a depth of 1.5m and a capacity of 16.8 cubic meters, the three-legged vessel dwarfs most jacuzzis. According to CCTV, "event staff began cleaning the iron pot three days before the festival while twenty workers started adding water and heating the pot the day before." 388 fish, each weighing over 3 kilos, were used in the soup, which reportedly fed up to 50,000 people.

The stewpalooza is just one part of the seven day festival, which features a bevy of activities from a Liao Dynasty ancestor-worshipping ceremony to a sacrifice to Wolong Lake, the province's largest freshwater body of water, and the stage for the festivities. 

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