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In-N-Out Came to Shanghai Today and You Missed It



Dan Entwistle

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Shanghai City

There’s been a lot of mixed chatter about In-N-Out today, so we contacted a source closely connected to the Californian fast food joint to find out just what the f is going on.

The bad news is, their team of chefs and managers has already come and gone. Although the pop-up event was scheduled to take place on Wednesday morning at the relatively unknown Wow Coffee on Shaoxing Lu, a number of legal issues and a huge amount of interest generated by Chinese and local media resulted in the event being cancelled.

Instead of calling the event off for good, In-N-Out decided to take over the store two days early and host a “private” event for friends and family. However, it turns out the event may not have been so private. Eyewitness reports state that the queue to get into the pop-up stretched down the road and that the 150 to 200 burgers on-site were sold out by 11:30, an hour-and-a-half after the event started. Apparently staff were only letting in a small number of people in at a time.

Pictures taken on site show that the In-N-Out classic, the Double-Double, was on sale for ¥25, the cheeseburger was ¥20 and the Hamburger cost ¥15. They were also selling potato chips instead of French fries. One of our readers lucky enough to get into the event described the burgers as being “salty”.

If you were one of the ones lucky enough to get your hands on a burger let us know how it was!

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