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Your Questions. Answered.

Solutions to Shanghai's most common queries


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Shanghai City

We looked at some of your most common questions and put together some answers. If there are still points you’re not clear on, ask away in the forums.

Will I be able to drive in Shanghai? Will I be able to get a driver's license?

On getting a driving license:

Article: Getting a Driver’s License in Shanghai

Article: Safety, Maps, Rentals and Motos

Forums: New Driving License Questions  

Forums:  Chinese Driver’s License

Forums: Everything to Know About Owning/ Buying a Car in Shanghai

Can I rent a car/driver?

There are many rental companies in Shanghai,the big companies are Avis and Hertz, but there are other options too.

City Weekend article:  Shanghai’s Best Rental Companies

Forums: Rent a Car in Shanghai

What is a good salary/ expat package?

Forums: Would You Move to Shanghai with This Package

Compare cost of living in different locations worldwide: Expatistan

Expat arrivals guide to salaries and cost of living

Can I bring pets to China:

It is possible to bring pets to China. If you do, make sure you can also bring them back home; laws on importing from China will vary according to your home country.

FAQ: How to bring pets to Shanghai

Information from one of our sponsors: Move your dog to China safely without a quarantine

Forum: Relocating to China with large breed dog

Forum: Taking a dog out of China

List of pet relocation services with contact information

I wear glasses and contact lenses? Will I be able to find suitable eye-care in Shanghai?

City Weekend article: Blurry Vision: Your Guide to Eye Care in China

Will I be able to find vegetarian food?

Shanghai has some vegetarian options. At Chinese restaurants, finding strict vegetarian options can be difficult. Although some restaurants might have nothing strictly vegetarian, Chinese food is diverse enough to contain plenty of vegetarian choices.

Excellent advice on eating vegetarian in China

List of vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai

Shanghai Expat Article: How to Eat Vegetarian in Shanghai

Shanghai Expat article: Vegetarian Food in Shanghai: The Magnificent Seven

Do I need to speak Chinese to live in Shanghai?

No, but speaking Chinese at a basic level will help in many everyday situations.

Shanghai Expat article: How to Teach Yourself Chinese

Forum discussion: Learning the language

How can I hire an ayi?

Forums: Hiring an ayi

Shanghai Expat article: The Ayi, the Laowai and the French Fry

Is Shanghai family friendly?

This website and magazine deals with family life in Shanghai

Forums: Looking for advice on family friendly locations

Where can I send my kids to school?

Here is a list of international schools in Shanghai:

Shanghai Expat article on the option of sending your kids to local public schools

Forums: International schools, local schools, bilingual schools, etc

Forums: Good local schools in Shanghai as alternatives

Forums: Do expats have to attend international schools?

What are the best international schools and universities?

Shanghai Expat article: Which International School is Best?

Forums: Best university where I can study Chinese

This page shows the ranking of all Universities in China. Fudan and Jiaotong universities, ranked third and fifth respectively, are both in Shanghai.

How can I ship things home?

Forums: Shipping personal effects out of China

Forums: Ocean shipping: returning home

Can I use Facebook and Twitter in Shanghai?

These sites are blocked in China. Increasingly, Google is also inaccessible. Most foreigners do access them by using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network.

Forum: Good god, does anyone have useable internet?

Where can I meet people?

Opportunities to meet people abound. You can join gyms or sports clubs, join pub crawls or come to the 

Shanghai Expat Wednesday Mixer.

How can I look for a job in Shanghai?

Browse our job section.

Attend our twice yearly job fairs, usually held in May and September. Check our listings page to see if there is an upcoming job fair.

Forums: Job search suggestions


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