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Restaurant Review: Shintori



Duncan Trevor Wilson

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SHEX Reviews

"Thanks to our new content partner, 'Best Food in China', we're able to bring you occasional restaurant reviews and thoughts on the local food scene."

From the moment you enter, (provided you can find the front door! ) this dark and mysterious sanctuary offers a delicious twist to the usual Japanese cuisine. Designed by Christopher Arisaka Carey, Shintori is the most recent addition to the shintori collection of restaurants and continues the culinary craft tradition while also taking the designer bathroom competition up another notch.

The almost complete absence of light is broken only by spot lights focused on table tops on which food is carefully presented, combined with groovy lounge music the black on black ambiance will suitably impress fans of minimalism.

The Rock and roll salad which did indeed live up to its name - tossed at your table in a large glass tube before being scooped into a wooden bowl sets the tone for the dishes to come, from the "pu leaf" wrapped Sizzling beef flash cooked as you like on a hot stone or juicy scallops cheese crumbed and grilled on the shell, to cold noodles served in a carved ice bowl with a refreshing wasabi flavour kick, all presented in such a way it's like eating your way through an art gallery installation. Each dish is a real talking piece.

If the interior doesn't wow them, the fragrant Grilled Cod fish steak with mono Miso will have you fighting for the last piece, a real winner.

Style with substance Shintori offers the complete experience for all your senses!


803 Julu Road, Shanghai. Tel: 021-54045252

Service quality: very good

Food quality: very good

Price per head (RMB): 400+

Environment: very good

Feature dish or menu:

  • Rocking salad
  • Foie gras cooked with radish
  • Roasted beef with Yunnan tree leaves

This article is brought you by Best Food in China, the first and leading English website about local Chinese food and restaurants. For more information, please visit

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