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SHEX Workout Reviews: One Wellness



Sonia Su

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SHEX Reviews

Never have the lyrics, ‘Girl, look at body. I work out,’ from LMFAO’s hit song felt so strongly relatable than at this particular moment.

I had made it half-way through an intense cycling class, and in a desperate effort to keep up with the eight other cyclers in this beginner’s cycling class, I grabbed on to these lyrics for motivation. And it worked.

Located on the second floor of 98 Yanping Road and adjacent to a dance studio, One Wellness exudes an exclusive, nature-inspired environment.

The gym is furnished with some of the best equipment and offers a wide variety of services, including personal trainer services, ViPR (Vitality, Performance, Reconditioning), group cycling, kettlebells, yoga, Pilates, martial arts, body composition evaluations and, one of its most popular, body pump. Anyone can test out the gym and its classes with its free, one-day guest pass, the option that I chose.

I had only intended to use the pass to try the cycling class at 6:30 p.m. with the instructor Kat, who also is a member of the gym. But with some time before class began and encouragement from the friendly membership consultant, Sandra Sun, I changed in the spacious woman’s room and enjoyed a brief workout upstairs on a Technogym elliptical.

Despite it being after-work hours, there were only about eight other people working out, making for an even more comfortable environment. The spaces consists of two floors: a studio, an outdoor patio, an equipment storage space, changing rooms and the reception are on the first, and a core and stretching zone, a weight-lifting area and Technogym machines are on the second.

Sandra told me that free WiFi and headphones are available, which can come in handy, given the iPod-docking stations and entertainment systems available on the Technogym cardio machines. On the machines, you can choose from channels such as BBC, CNN, MTV and HBO via satellite TV, play games, or just hook up your iPhone/iPod to listen to some music.

Other classes available that night included Pilates and CrossFit. Sandra told me I could walk in to any class, without signing up beforehand. In fact, members never need to reserve a spot in any class. I stuck with the cycling class.

After about twenty minutes, I headed down to the studio, a minimally designed space with sliding glass doors, across from the open patio. Soon, Kat walked in, started the playlist that we would listen to throughout the class, checked everyone’s positions on their bikes and finally took her spot in front of the class facing us on her bike.

We began about five minutes past 6:30 pm , with the music too loud for me to understand what she was saying, but listening to her wasn’t necessary, as she demonstrated everything clearly. After a few minutes of stretching while cycling, we went through intervals of different exercises, from punching the air in front of us to cycling standing up (there are probably more proper terms to describe these movements but you get the idea).

It wasn’t my first time taking a cycling class, though, so I had come in expecting to struggle keeping up with the class. The other time was in Boston with more technologically advanced machines that allowed us to see exactly what resistance we were at and to compare ourselves to the rest of the class on a leaderboard.

Even though the bikes at One Wellness only involve a dial to twist for more or less resistance—with no leaderboard to refer to—looking around the class this time, I could see that I was going at about the same pace as everyone else, instead of being in the back of the pack in the Boston class. (Only two out of the ten cyclers were men.)

Of course, it will be nearly impossible for beginners to keep at the pace and resistance of the instructor, but it’s good to know that you can go at your own pace throughout.

The last exercise involved making the resistance as high as possible and cycling slowly. I couldn’t help but smile at how fitting the music happened to be at that point—dubstep. Especially with cycling, listening to the right music while working out can greatly increase your motivation.

Class ended about five minutes before 7:30 pm. Stepping off the bike, I knew I would be sore the next day, but that feeling also confirms that it was a successful workout.

Memberships are categorized into two types: full-time and premium off-peak. A one-month subscription with full access during its hours (Mondays through Thursdays from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., Fridays from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., weekends from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.) costs 1788 RMB, while a one-month, premium off-peak subscription (access only before 5 p.m.) costs 1588 RMB. A six-month and one-year subscription are also available.

For more information on memberships and how you can get your one-day pass, please visit

Find the One Wellness gym in our listings here.


•    Anyone interested in joining can try out the gym and/or its classes for a full day, free of charge.
•    Staff is very friendly and can speak English.
•    Classes are offered in English or Chinese, or are bilingual.
•    One Wellness is the only gym in Asia to have iPod-docking stations on the Technogym cardio machines.
•    The gym is impeccably clean and gives off a relaxing vibe with its natural décor.
•    The women’s changing room has eight showers and plenty of locker space.


•    The ten-minute walk from the Jingan Temple metro station doesn’t make the location too convenient.
•    Membership costs are expensive. Committing to an annual, full-time membership, however, significantly lowers the monthly cost to 788 RMB per month.
•    Membership numbers are capped, so once your membership ends and the limit for members at the gym has been reached, you will be put on a waiting list before you can sign up again.
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