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Shenzhen Plans To Build Nearly 1,000 Kilometers of Metro Lines By 2030



Jordan Harris

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Lookout Shanghai! In China's upteenth mammoth development plan, the city of Shenzhen has unveiled plans to build a huge metro network consisting of 32 lines spanning 1,142 kilometers by 2030, according to Shenzhen Daily. The super speedy construction will average nearly two new lines and 80 kilometers of track per year if all goes to plan.

The plans easily dwarf Shanghai's plan to increase its subway network to 21 lines by the same year, and will beat out the 'Hai's current claim to fame as the longest metro network in the world. 

The most recent blueprint sans Lines 17-32

The Shenzhen metro started rudimentary planning in 1984, but had to wait until 2004 to reopen due to myriad disagreements and suspended construction. As the current length totals 286 kilometers, the plans to quadruple the size in 13 years are quite ambitious, but we wouldn't put it past them considering some of the construction marvels China cranked out just last year

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