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WATCH: Taiwanese Politician Hires 50 Pole Dancers For Funeral Procession

Putting the "fun" in funeral...


Jordan Harris

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It seems the line between bachelor party and funeral procession is quite permeable in Taiwan. The funeral procession for former Taiwanese politician, Tung Hsiang, featured 50 scantily-clad pole dancers gyrating on top of jeeps as they inched down the streets of Chiayi last Tuesday. Unsurprisingly, the event garnered a strong turnout -- although it's unclear whether they were there to honor the late politician or other reasons...

The procession traveled several kilometers through the city and featured traditional bands, drummers and more than 100 imported luxury cars along with the aforementioned pole dancers. 

The practice of hiring strippers or pole dancers for funerals is not that uncommon in the country, as it's said to be an indicator of the wealth of the deceased. Tung Hsiang’s son, who organized the funeral, said he hoped the procession would provide a "happy ending" for his late father, who passed away last month at 76 years old.

The man himself (second from the left)

Watch the procession here:

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