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The Temple station

Ever notice the golden columns on the Jing’an Temple subway station platform? As the number of Shanghai subway stations shot up over the past few years, station engineers strived to include unique features in each station’s (re-)design. Next time you pass through the station, take a second to appreciate Jing’an Temple’s unique, gold-colored columns and temple-themed exits.



Train tix remix

If you had to redesign China’s classic pink train ticket, what would you add? What would you take off?



Bus with appeal

Spotted in Hongkou yesterday:


This model hasn’t made it out to Pudong yet, AFAIK.

Zhangjiang Trolley Pic

With testing beginning this month and the grand opening in June, expect to hear more about the Zhangjiang trolley line in the coming weeks. Here’s a preview:


Also, a Tudou user has uploaded a couple dozen videos of the new trolleys resting in their Zhangjiang garage. You can find them here and here.

Line 2: Line of Love


Line 2, also known as the “Line of Love”, passes through several of Shanghai’s larger CBDs [which are full of young, eligible white-collars]. What spots along the Line are good for falling madly and deeply in love? Today, we collect them here for you:

The original post has more details, but here is is the barebones list:

Zhangjiang High-Tech Park
House of Flour: 535 Bibo Rd, Shanghai Legend 1F-105, Pudong
University of Chinese Traditional Medicine Library: 1200 Cailun Road, Pudong
Century Park
Music Box Museum: 425 Diangxiang Rd, Oriental Arts Center 4F (RMB 50)
Century Avenue
Jiangxia Pool Hall: 188 Weifang Rd, Pudong
Dongchang Rd
Dongchang Road Ferry Station: Dongchang Rd and S Pudong Rd
Fengmei Huachuan Japanese Purikura: Super Brand Mall 621, Pudong
Banking Museum: 9 Pudong Avenue, Century Financial Tower 7F
East Nanjing Road
First Time I Saw You” Noodle House: M Jiangxi Rd and E Nanjing Rd
China Great Theatre:704 Niuzhuang Rd, Huangpu
Tom’s World at Baodaxiang: 673 E Nanjing Rd, Baodaxiang Children’s Department Store B1
People’s Square
Yifeng Model Shop: 457-459 W Nanjing Rd, Huangpu
West Nanjing Road
gz Coffee Shop: 1025 W Nanjing Rd, No 162
Scream and Shout Labyrinth of Darkness: 2-68 W Nanjing Rd, New World Mall 10F
Jing’an Temple
Poplar Kids Republic Bookstore: 262 Yuyuan Rd
Mr. Coffee: 121 Urumqi Rd
Jiangsu Road
WELOVE Hotel: 33 Wanghangdu Rd 4F
Zhongshan Park
Yidong Park Museum of Art: 780 Changning Rd, Gate 3 in Zhongshan Park
Royal Garden Restaurant: 780 Changning Rd, Zhongshan Park
Loushanguan Road
Hongqiao Greenbelt Tearoom: 2238 W Yan’an Road, Changning

[Editor's note: Jodi and I held our wedding at the Royal Garden in Zhongshan Park.]