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Shout-Out – April 17, 2014

The average wage of experienced domestic helpers in Shanghai has increased sixfold over the last decade. Shanghai’s best paid ayis are now earning between 7,000 and 10,000 RMB per month. In 2004, the same group of ayis was paid between 2,000 and 2,500 RMB per month. Hourly wages have also increased. In 2004, average ayi wages were between 8 to 10 RMB per hour, in 2014, the average is 20 RMB per hour. The highest paid ayis in Shanghai usually live with families and specialize in taking care of newborn babies.

Shout-Out – April 16, 2014

A man was arrested on Xiangyang North Road yesterday, after attacking three police officers. The man, named Yan, stabbed one officer in the back and arm. He also slashed at two other officers, resulting in hand injuries. The police visiting the man’s home in Jing’an district to question him about a separate incident, although they did not give further details. The police requested backup and Yan was successfully subdued and arrested. According to police, the attack was unprovoked.

Shout-Out – April 15, 2014

An upside-down house in Fengjing Water Town has nearly been completed. Though the structure doesn’t look entirely stable, any safety concerns seem to be focused on visitors feeling giddy when they’re inside the house. ‘There is a chance that people will become dizzy when they’re inside the house,’ said Huai Xigen, director of the village which the house is a part of. ‘We will also warn people with high blood pressure against entering the house,’ he added.

Shout-Out – April 14, 2014

Police in Guizhou Province have seized 15,000 guns and 120,000 knives in a recent crackdown on violent crime. The raid was the end result of a four-month search after a street robbery suspect was caught with a gun in Guiyang. That discovery led to the uncovering of a chain of gun dealers operating throughout China. A family business operated by a man named Chen had been handing out business cards promoting a knife factory. The police have so far made 15 arrests and raided 11 sites where weapons were either being made or sold.

Shout-Out – November 27, 2012

The Chinese RMB hit a 19 year long high yesterday. The economy is picking up again and exports are bouncing back in Q4 of 2012 because there are less financial institutions willing to buy US dollars. Over the past 2 years, China’s economy, the 2nd largest in the world, had slowed down substantially. It’s expected to remain stable now as long as the central bank doesn’t make any drastic changes to th central parity rate. Supply and demand are about equal at the moment and as the economy goes up, manufacturing and investments are expected to raise as well.

Shout-Out – November 26, 2012

Shanghai local government has approved a free trade zone and plan on opening an outlet mall with duty free stores in 2013. Shanghai continues to establish itself as an international hub and city officials believe that a duty free shop in the city would drive even more tourism. The government is searching for locations at the moment but many believe that it will be tied into the new Shanghai Disneyland park. Beijing has also signed an agreement to open a duty free shop in Chaoyang District.  

Shout-Out – November 23, 2012

This is bizarre news, taking “Fine, have it your way” to a whole new level. In neighboring, Zhejiang Province, a gated housing complex was demolished for the sake of a new road. Over 500 families also left the area back in 2008 in preparation for the new train station and the road connecting it began construction.  However, the last 2 people living in the are are a couple, who weren’t satisfied with the reimbursements offered by local officials.  If an agreement isn’t met soon, construction will continue and the road will officially open. The aforementioned train station  has already been open for business for 3 years.

Shout-Out – November 22, 2012

Shanghai might not be a smokers paradise for much longer. Non smoking laws were put into effect in 2009 but most restaurants haven’t enforced the laws in non smoking sections. Local government is planning to widen the ban to all indoor public places such as office buildings and shopping malls. Also, fines for violators are going to become more hefty to scare people  from breaking current laws. Many businesses are hesitant to disallow smoking in their venues because they believe it’ll alienate long time customers. A recent online poll shows that around 90% of Shanghai locals are encouraging harsher smoking laws.

Shout-Out – November 21, 2012

Line 16 metro, which is set to open in 2013, is going to have the fastest trains in Shanghai. The trains will have the capability of traveling at speeds up to 120 kilometers an hour. The 13 station line starts at Longyang Lu station and goes to the relatively new town by the sea, Lingang. Recently, there have been stoppages and delays on lines 3, 4 and 9. The overhead grid network that most metro lines have, won’t exist on line 16. There will be an extra track on the rail, much line the New York subway system. Metro officials have said this system will significantly cut down delays and electrical glitches.