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Shout-Out – October 24, 2014

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a speech mostly in Mandarin at Tsinghua University on Wednesday. ‘We are already in China,’ Zuckerberg said in Chinese, seemingly unperturbed by the website’s ban in the country. ‘We help Chinese firms gain customers abroad,’ Zuckerberg pointed out. The CEO said that Facebook would be looking for employees in China next year. Zuckerberg has a Chinese-American wife, Priscilla Chan, who he married in 2012. In 2010 he set himself the goal of learning Mandarin.


Shout-Out – October 23, 2014

China might not have the happiest expats, but it does have the best paid, according to CNBC news. This article claims that almost a quarter of expats in China earn more than 300,000 USD per year. This figure prompted some discussion in our forums. One member described the claim as ‘absolute nonsense,’ while another thought it was ‘accurate.’ Do you think there are that many high expat earners in China? You can join the discussion here.


Shout-Out – October 22, 2014

A man was fined 200 RMB for smuggling salt between Chinese provinces. The man, named Huang, had moved his noodle shop from Zhengzhou to Xinzheng, and a result was lugging the sodium to his new restaurant. The reason for the fine was a provincial law which states that restaurants must purchase salt from local provinces. After public protest, Huang received a refund and a public apology. It seems the authorities were wary of rubbing salt in the wound.


Shout-Out – October 21, 2014

Thieves entered the garden of scientific research, and helped themselves to some forbidden fruit. An orchard in Shandong province is being used for a study, the goal of which is to produce apples that have no need for paper wrapping during the growing process. If the study is successful, it could save farmers more than 5,000 RMB per 1,000 square metres of farmland. The fruit of three trees in the orchard/laboratory was reported stolen at the weekend. The trees had been cultivated for four years and were nearly ready for their first harvest. 


Shout-Out – June 27, 2013

Keanu Reeves is on a tour of China, promoting his upcoming movie ‘The Man of Tai Chi’. The Chinese-American co-production is the actor’s directorial debut. Reeves both directs and acts in the film, playing a villain pitted against Tiger Chen. Tiger Chen plays a martial arts practitioner, torn between black market fights and the more spiritual side of the martial arts. The current tour is an effort to capture the interest of the Chinese market. The tour, which began last Friday, is visiting major cities including Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. The film is set to be released in China on July 5th, 2013.

Shout-Out – June 26,2013

China’s latest space expedition returned to earth this morning. The Shenzhou X spacecraft lifted off fifteen days ago. The voyage marked China’s fifth and longest manned space mission. Once in space, the Shenzhou X spacecraft completed a test flight around the orbiting Tiangong-1 space module. The spacecraft docked in the Tiangong-1 module, and the crew of three astronauts lived there for twelve days. The Tiangong-1 has been in orbit since September 2011. The Shenzhou X touched land in Inner Mongolia at 8.07 a.m. this morning.

Shout-Out – June 25,2013

Greenpeace have commented on the quality of Chinese medicinal herbs. According to the environmental watchdog, 48 out of 65 samples contained pesticide residue. 26 of the samples contained pesticides that are not legal to use in China. Wang Jing is an ecological campaigner with Greenpeace East Asia. He was concerned about the intrusion of pesticides into Chinese medicine, saying that the herbs ‘should heal, not harm people’. China uses around 2 million tons of agricultural pesticides annually. Greenpeace is campaigning for greater transparency in the use of pesticides in Chinese medicine. The charity is also asking for greater controls on overall pesticide use in food production in China.

Shout-Out – June 23, 2013

A portion of the city went organic on Saturday, as the M-Town shopping complex welcomed the Shanghai Organic Farmer’s Market. The event was a success; with food scares dominating the media, the appeal of fresh and natural produce is growing. There was a feast of fresh food on display, as well as workshops on healthy eating, cooking, growing vegetables and sustainable farming. The weather held out for a pleasant day near the intersection of Huaihai and Hongqiao Road.

Shout-Out – June 21, 2013

More people are getting divorced than getting married in China, according to a local newspaper. Divorce rates leaped 13.6 percent in Shanghai alone, data from the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau revealed. Various reasons have been suggested for the high divorce rates; one marriage counsellor suggested that only children born after 1980 were ‘less tolerant in a marriage’. Other major causes included financial problems and extramarital affairs.  Some couples may be getting divorced to sidestep a legal restriction on couples buying apartments, the newspaper said.