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Shout-Out – September 1, 2014

The Chinese translator of ‘Animal Farm’ has tragically committed suicide. Sun Zhongxu, aged just 41, passed away in Guangzhou last Thursday. Sun, who worked at a shipping company, also translated Orwell’s ’1984′ and ‘The Catcher in the Rye’, by J.D. Salinger. It was reported that Sun suffered from depression. ‘My father finally freed himself,’ the translator’s son said. ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ has sold around 100,000 copies in China. Sun previously graduated from Zhengzhou University’s department of foreign languages.


Shout-Out – August 29, 2014

A Chengdu panda may have faked pregnancy to get food. Anticipation was building over the birth, which was even scheduled to be broadcast live. Disappointment ensued when it was discovered that the panda wasn’t pregnant at all, and may have been faking it to get extra food. ‘After showing prenatal signs, the ‘mothers-to-be’ are moved into single rooms with air conditioning and around-the-clock care,’ said panda aficionado Wu Kongju in Chengdu. ‘They also receive more buns, fruits and bamboo, so some clever pandas have used this to their advantage to improve their quality of life.’ Pandas can sometimes exhibit prenatal signs included decreased activity, loss of appetite and increased hormone levels even when they are not pregnant.


Shout-Out – August 28, 2014

Foreign owned hospitals have been given the green light to open in Shanghai and six other cities or provinces. To be able to open hospitals in China, foreign investors must be able to  demonstrate relevant experience in health care and management. A statement listed other requirements, though the theme seemed to be that the foreign-owned hospitals must bring something to China, from leading management concepts to advanced technology and equipment. It’s hoped that the changes will help to take the pressure off China’s state-run healthcare system.


Shout-Out – August 27, 2014

A man and his son are sleeping in a tree after the man’s wife left him. The unlucky husband left his home in Foshan after his wife left him for a man she met online. The man, named Deng, left home and took his ten year old son with him. Deng is unable to find a job and spends his days looking for bottles to sell and recycle and his nights tethered to a tree with his son. The unusual situation has inspired local companies and neighbours to offer help, but Deng has refused. ‘My only hope is to find a job that can provide a roof over my boy’s head,’ he said.

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Shout-Out – May 7, 2013

A robber who attempted a movie style getaway ended up in a nasty plot twist. The armed robber, 28, held up an Internet café on Dongbaoxing Road. He hijacked a Haibo taxi and made his escape, but soon crashed into a Blue Union taxi and a scooter. The crash was so severe that the Blue Union taxi was split into two. The scooter driver, taxi driver, and a passenger were injured, but their condition is reported as stable. The would-be thief was also injured, and was taken to hospital in handcuffs.

Shout-Out – May 6, 2013

Meat dressed as mutton has been in the news in Shanghai. A recent TV programme uncovered mixed meat in a Shanghai hotpot restaurant. Officials are now visiting local markets to uncover the source of the mocked-up mutton. Some market dealers said that adding pork and duck to mutton was common. Selling assorted meat is legal, provided checks are passed and the label specifies what is in the product. Last week, one suspect was reported to have used fox, mink, and rat to make ‘mutton’.

Shout-Out – May 3, 2013

There are big plans for Pudong, with a new area set to be built by 2020. The government yesterday announced development plans for Lingang New City. The district is 75 kilometres from central Shanghai, on the south-east coast by Hangzhou Bay. Lingang will be linked to Shanghai by metro line 16, which will open later this year. The residential region is expected to be popular with international communities; there are plans for international schools, hospitals, and a sports park along the sea front.

Shout-Out – May 2, 2013

Shanghai was a busy place during the May Day holiday. Over the last three days, sixteen Shanghai attractions saw 22 per cent more tourists than last year. Nanjing Road was the most frequented spot; some 2.55 million out-of-towners walked the nation’s number one street. The Bund’s classic skyline took second place, as 1.5 million tourists walked the riverside path. The majority of destinations recorded more visitors than last year. Only Madame Tussauds and Shanghai Zoo reported a drop in tourists. Many locals flew abroad from Shanghai airports. Thailand was the most popular foreign destination.

Shout-Out – April 27, 2013

A male passenger has flown into trouble on an Air China plane. The man is suspected of striking the buttocks of an air hostess prior to a domestic flight to Shanghai. The alleged incident occurred before the plane left the ground. The man says he used his newspaper to touch the hostess, and only wanted to get to his seat.  Incidents of harassment are common, but sometimes only receive warnings in order to avoid disrupting schedules, according to online comments from a flight attendant. The man is in police custody while the matter is investigated.