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Shout-Out – April 23, 2014

The Ministry of Public Security has warned people not to imitate a somersault kiss which has gone viral on the internet. On April 16, a young couple uploaded a video of a kiss in which the girl turns in a 360 degree somersault before kissing her standing boyfriend. The Shanghai Daily reports that the move has since become popular with friends and couples as well as some police officers. A number of accidents have been reported, from struck foreheads to neck injuries. The Ministry of Public Security said that there is a high risk of injury, and  couples shouldn’t ‘show their love at the cost of life.’

Shout-Out – April 22, 2014

Security checks might get tougher on the Shanghai Metro. According to current guidelines, all large bags should be electronically scanned and staff should use their judgement with regard to smaller bags. Those who refuse to scan their bags or behave aggressively may face jail, according to the deputy director of the Shanghai Metro police. In 2014, the Shanghai metro checks have already detected 1,900 knives, 165,000 firecrackers, and 88 replica guns. On February 10, 2014, a member of Shanghai Metro staff was dismissed for allowing two people to carry a basket of pigeons onto a train.

Shout-Out – April 21, 2014

Mercedes Formula One drivers claimed both first and second place at yesterday’s Grand Prix in Shanghai yesterday. Great Britain’s Lewis Hamilton finished in first place, and has now won three consecutive races. Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate, Nico Rosberg from Germany, followed him into second place. Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso finished third on Sunday. He is also third overall in the Formula One World Championship. The Mercedes team currently lead the championship, with Hamilton in first place and Rosberg in second.

Shout-Out – April 18, 2014

Families continue to await the news of 287 passengers, who were mostly high school students, still missing after a South Korean ferry capsized on Wednesday. Nine are confirmed dead, but with the missing being trapped in the ferry or in the cold ocean, the number is expected to increase. The father of one of the missing students said he received a text saying that his child and other students are still alive. The reason for the boat flipping on its side remains unknown.

Shout-Out – October 24, 2012

Over 100 people have been charged with tax crimes in Shanghai this year. Fake receipts are very common and are the leading tax related crimes. Over 100 suspects were tried by prosecutors in the first 6 months of the year alone. Over 3 million RMB in tax money was falsified this year already. Fake receipts are primarily sold to unlicensed taxis. Some people also sell their actual receipts to others in order to avoid paying taxes. There were at least 15 arrests and over 30,000RMB in dodged taxes.

Shout-Out – October 23, 2012

Baoshan District is going to be the home of Asia’s largest park. Gucun Park is being expanded and will claim the title by 2015. The first part of the park was opened to the public in 2011. It’s since taken in over 4 million people. The next phase of the expansion includes sports facilities, scenic paths and forests. Right now the park is most famous for it’s cherry blossoms. In March and April, thousands of people stopped by for the Cherry Blossom festival. The local government has spent over 1.3 billion USD on the expansion of Gucun Park.

Shout-Out – October 22, 2012

Bite of Lujiazui is going on this week along the Pudong side of the Huangpu River. Lujiazui management has invited to catering companies and added 400 seats by the waterfront. There will be shuttle buses running from the Shanghai World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower all week for office workers. Until October 26, from 11am to 9:30pm food will be available. Venders will be selling local cuisine, Taiwanese cuisine and a variety of snacks. Meals will cost about 25RMB. Local food safety inspectors have been invited to ensure safe food.

Shout-Out – October 19, 2012

How often do you see bus drivers violating traffic laws? Now you can get rewarded for it. Sanghai Bashi Group is awarding people in Shanghai for taking photos or recording video of bus drivers disobeying traffic laws. Bashi Group is implementing this program to clean up it’s image which it believes has gone down due to bus driver’s reckless behavior. The company also plans on adding more cameras to bus lanes to ensure safer driving. The reward for submitting photos or video is a 50RMB transit card.To claim the reward, one needs to send the pictures to Bashi Group within 3 days.

Shout-Out – October 18, 2012

A small percentage of local children are starting to suffer from early puberty due to pollutants and diseases. Pesticides and hormones found in certain foods have contributed to the problem.  Daily environment was the biggest factor. A study done by a local hospital shows that chemicals found in children blood who suffered from early puberty were way higher in comparison to a healthy child. Over the summer, a local children’s hospital saw over 100 children patients a day with this problem.