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Shout-Out – September 19, 2014

The results of the Scottish independence referendum are in. Shanghai Expat users have voted YES to an independent Scotland. An overwhelming 63 percent of Shanghai Expat members think Scotland should take the chance to be a self-ruling nation. Results from the actual vote in Scotland  are being counted at the time of writing. You can follow the results as they come in on the BBC here, but it’s much more interesting to follow the reactions in our forums. According to forum member GC, the results will be in at around 6 am Greenwich Mean Time , or 1 pm China Standard Time on Friday.


Shout-Out – September 18, 2014

Internet cafes are some of the smokiest places in Shanghai, with ferries and taxis trailing close behind. In 2010, Shanghai set out an anti smoking law banning smoking in public places. According to the Shanghai Daily, this law banned smoking in public venues, including bars, restaurants, and internet cafes. As anyone who has stepped outside in Shanghai will know, this rule is often flagrantly ignored. Anti-smoking inspectors discovered 299 internet cafes put up non-smoking signs, but also provided ashtrays for their customers. 300 smokers have been fined in internet cafes so far this year, which doesn’t seem so significant when you consider the thousands of people lighting up across Shanghai right now.


Shout-Out – September 17, 2014

A married man has been fined 30,000 RMB for tricking a woman out of her virginity. The woman, aged 35, met the man online five years ago. The man, named Li, told the woman, named Chen, that he was a bachelor, and had sex with her on a trip to Singapore. Three months later he broke up with Chen. The heartbroken woman broke into Li’s house to find him with his wife. Chen filed a lawsuit on March 26, accusing Li of violating her virginity by deception. The court fined Li 30,000 RMB. It was the first case of its kind in Shanghai.


Shout-Out – September 16, 2014

Almost half of mainland China’s richest people have plans to move abroad within five years. The Barclays Wealth report surveyed 2,000 people from 17 different countries, all of whom had more  than $US1.5 million dollars in total net worth. 47 percent of wealthy mainlanders planned to move abroad within the next five years, compared with 23 percent of well-off Singaporeans and 20 percent of loaded Brits. Only six percent of American millionaires had plans to leave the USA, and India’s wealthy are even more attached to their homeland, with just 5 percent planning to leave.

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Shout-Out – April 16, 2013

Residents hoping to terminate termites should call in professional exterminators. Reports of termites, which enter the mating season in March, have risen recently. Shanghai Television Station ran a broadcast on the pest-y problem two days ago. Standard pesticides might be ineffective against the visitors, and could help the insects spread. Termites in Shanghai at this stage are likely to be Reticulitermes, a non- biting variety of the insect. A more nippy breed, Copotermes , usually appears in May. 

Shout-Out – April 15, 2013

The sun is shining on Shanghai this Monday. There’s bright smog over the city as citizens enjoy the warmest day of the year so far. Today’s temperature is expected to heat up to 30 degrees Celsius, with a low of 13 degrees. It’s not just pollution, either. There’s some clouds mixed into the hazy skies. The warm spell should last several days, though the temperature is forecast to drop on Thursday. Weather experts say the spring may continue to tease us, with temperatures fluctuating for the rest of the month.

Shout-Out April 12, 2013

A factory in Qingpu District has been caught selling fake pet food. The factory used pseudo-labelling to imitate Royal Canin and Pedigree amongst other brands. Falsely branded food was then sold online, to customers in Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu province. A man named Luo was arrested last week after a raid on the factory. The dishonest dealings began in 2010, and brought in as much as 10,000 yuan per month. Officials reassured pet owners the food, sold on, was not harmful to animals.

Shout-Out – April 11, 2013

Shanghai is planning to sort the environment with their recycling drive. By 2015, the local government hopes 5 million Shanghai families will have gone green by separating wet and dry waste. There might be bonuses for households that take up the scheme, funded by a city green account. Vice Mayor Jiang Ping favours the organic carrot to the stick: he says incentive policies are a better way to get residents recycling than mandatory measures. Per-person production of rubbish has dropped to 0.74 kilograms per day, down from 0.82 kilograms in 2010.

Shout-Out – April 10, 2013

Songjiang District’s murky river mystery has entered clearer waters. 250 kilograms of dead fish recently floated to the surface in the region’s waterways. Pollution was ruled out as a cause, leaving officials and the public confused as to why so many fish died at once. According to the most recent reports, the fish might have been released by well-meaning Buddhists. March the 30th was the birthday of Guanyin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. Believers bought live fish from local markets and set them free in the river.  Officials believe the fish died because too many were released at once.