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Shout-Out – August 22, 2014

Villagers in Xinjiang have been told to fight terrorism with stern looks. Recent violence in the area has led the government to organise anti-terror drills and dispense advice on how to deal with the terrorist threat. Suggested weapons for dealing with bloodthirsty assailants included pitchforks, wooden clubs and spades. Officials also advised that frowns and stern looks could be an effective method of deterring potential attackers. The stern look technique was rated four out of six for effectiveness while wooden clubs scored six out of six.


Shout-Out – August 21, 2014

A man has been locked up, as a punishment for trying to get into jail. The man pretended to have committed a crime so he could get back into prison to see an old friend. The Henan man ,named Hou, called the police to report a fight in the city of Xin’an. It turned out that there was no fight;only Hou, who had been drinking, was at the scene. When the police arrived, Hou threw bottles at the police cars to try to add to his list of offences. Hou told police he had been lonely since completing his recent jail sentence. ‘I want to reunite with my friend and enjoy the peace of jail,’ he said.


Shout-Out – August 20, 2014

A pagoda in Jiangxi collapsed just after being built, but then remained standing for a further 400 years. The Xiushui Pagoda dates back to the Ming Dynasty, and a significant part of the structure collapsed just after it was completed. ‘My ancestors told me that [part of the tower] had long toppled,’ said one local. There is even a legend to explain the half-collapse of the tower. The tower was built to appease a male and female monster living on the mountain where it is built. After the tower was built the female monster fled and took half the mountain with her. Clearly the male monster was not too interested in following her.

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Shout-Out – August 19, 2014

Jackie Chan’s son has been arrested for possession of cannabis in Beijing. The news might be as much of a blow to Jackie Chan as it is to his son Jaycee; Chan Senior signed up to be a ‘Narcotics Control Ambassador’ of the Chinese police 5 years ago. Three and a half ounces of marijuana were found at Jaycee Chan’s Beijing house. Police also said the martial arts star’s son tested positive in a drug test. The younger Mr Chan, aged 32, is also an actor and singer, but has struggled to live up to expectations created by his father’s success.


Shout-Out – March 19, 2013

The local government is working on putting a halt to unlicensed clinics. In 2012 over 2000 were raided and shutdown. Some clinics moved their practices to suburban areas where they can target migrant workers who can’t afford medical work and are harder to detect. Hundreds of unsanctioned doctors were arrested for practicing medicine without a license. Most of these clinics were doing dental work and specializing in Chinese medicine.

Shout-Out – March 18, 2013

Pudong International Airport’s Terminal 1 is going to go through a facelift that’ll last until the end of 2014. The terminal, which was open in 1999, sees an average of 20 million travelers a year. After the renovations, the terminal will be able to service nearly double that. 6 additional floors will be added and lounge areas will be updated. There are 88 construction projects taking place in Shanghai at the moment including Shanghai Tower.

Shout-Out – March, 15, 2013

The number of drug users in Shanghai continues to grow and city officials believe it’s an issue that needs to addressed. Manufactured drugs like MDMA and ketamine are becoming more popular amongst new users. Although Shanghai police have stepped up drug enforcement, dealers and drug makers have gotten smarter about avoiding detection. A majority of drugs arrive in Shanghai by mail. Traditionally, heroin and opium have been the most common drugs used in China but their popularity has gone down as pills and other man made drugs are in demand.

Shout-Out – March 14, 2013

A recent survey shows that the average age of “leftover” men in Shanghai has gone up to 31. Job demands and problems with potential mother in laws were some key reasons for men in Shanghai not marrying. Gender ratios also play a huge part in Shanghai having the oldest “leftover” men in all of China. There are around 12 million single men age 30-39 compared to  nearly 6 million single women in the same bracket. Some single men that took the survey said that they didn’t want to relinquish their “single lifestyle”.

Shout-Out – March 13, 2013

Line 3 and 4 trains are going to be limited as maintenance and repair happens. Not only will there be less trains running but restrictions on passengers might happen to reduce crowds during rush hour. Reserve trains have been running on lines 3, 4, 6 and 8 to accommodate increased passenger volume.  More routine work has to be done as Shanghai’s metro gets busier by the day. Currently, 6 to 7 million people ride the subway per day. Last Friday, on Women’s Day, Shanghai Metro set a record with nearly 8.5 million riders.