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Shout-Out – October 30, 2014

Now even mahjong has come under the scrutiny of the government’s anti-extravagance campaign. The popular Chinese game, which has been played for centuries and may even have been invented by Confucius, was the recent target of a commentary in the People’s Daily. The article, published on Tuesday, blasted officials for ‘going to rural retreats to have fun,’ and playing ‘mahjong and poker,’ adding that these practices ‘must resolutely stop.’

According to the Shanghai Daily, some officials have also reacted to the war on extravagance by holding secret sauna parties and hiding alcohol in plastic bottles.


Shout-Out – October 29, 2014

A taxi driver dragged a drunk man for 100 meters behind his taxi, in an attempt to avoid taking an unwanted ride. The driver, named Wu, thought the passenger, Song, had been drinking. Wu told Song he had been drinking, but Song grabbed hold of the car door. The driver was so desperate to get rid of his boozed-up passenger that he sped up and tried to drive away. After the incident, Song was left with brain injuries.

Wu was identified with the help of CCTV cameras and was found guilty of intentional injury. He offered to compensate Song more than 260,000 RMB and was given a three-year suspended jail sentence. 

Shout-Out – October 28, 2014

Shanghai’s new London taxis are proving useful for Shanghai’s disabled citizens. Priority is being given to wheelchair users, who account for around 10 percent of the taxis’ daily passengers. The new taxis are larger than standard Shanghai cabs, and are well-suited to accompanying the needs of wheelchair users. Despite the fact that the taxis cost 5 RMB more to flag down (starting fare is 19 RMB), drivers say they are earning less because of increased gas costs and a higher rental payable to the taxi company.


Shout-Out – October 27, 2014

A British man with a short temper got into trouble in Henan province. The 20-year old was walking in Zhengzhou when two local women made comments about him wearing shorts in cold weather. The Brit then proved himself to have a very hot temper, and immediately began shouting at the two women. He then kicked the women down and stole a cellphone and 3,000 RMB from the two women. The police caught the man, but didn’t get an explanation on how the women’s remarks led to theft.


Shout-Out – May 27, 2013

Criminals have been posing as police in the latest reported phone scam in Shanghai. The hoax calls convince victims that they are being investigated and fined. Once the cheats have their bait on the line, they pull them towards a bogus website, where they are encouraged to pay the ‘fine’ . The swindlers have been posing as prosecutors, while telling people they are suspected of money laundering. ‘Police would never set up such an account and require people to transfer money,’ said a representative for the police force.

Shout-Out – May 24, 2013

With World No Tobacco Day coming up next Friday, a new Shanghai survey warns of rising smoking levels amongst youngsters. The study was conducted by Jiao Tong University’s public health school. Findings indicated that 13 percent of children between twelve and eighteen had tried smoking, with nearly 4 percent classified as regular smokers. Outdoor tobacco advertisements are banned in Shanghai, and an anti-smoking law forbids smoking in venues such as kindergartens and internet cafes. In Shanghai, around 35 percent of people over 15 years of age are smokers.

Shout-Out – May 23, 2013

Badminton players are being served a foul deal, as shuttlecock prices shoot up. The reason for the price increase? H7N9. Outside of China, synthetic feathers are often used, but duck feathers are preferred in the Middle Kingdom. ‘The feather market is in total chaos,’ said Li Min, a supplier of feathers to shuttlecock producers. According to Li Min, the price of duck feathers increased around 40 percent within 20 days of the bird flu outbreak. Tian Yongyun, another feather dealer, said farmers were only supplying about 33 percent of their usual feather output. One shuttlecock factory manager said prices had already risen by 4 to 5 yuan, while another predicted further increases if H7N9 is not brought under control by July.

Shout-Out – May 22,2013

  Top comedy is coming to the Kerry Hotel and Hacienda Zapatas this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  ’Whose Line is It Anyway?’ is a classic of British comedy. The UK TV series ran for ten years and was so popular it crossed the channel to the US. Focusing on improvisational skits, the stars will have you laughing at jokes even they didn’t know they’d make. Four hilarious UK comedians will make up Punchline Comedy’s edition of ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’. They’re described as ‘better than the TV show’ by The Times, and as ‘pure geniuses’ by the South China Morning Post. For booking details, times, and more, click here.

Shout-Out – May 21, 2013

The Backstreet Boys are coming to town next Tuesday 28th May, and Shanghai Expat has two  exclusive tickets to give away to the after party. If you’re excited that backstreet are back, this could be your chance to party backstage with the band! It’s the Backstreet Boys 20th anniversary tour and the first time the band has been in Shanghai since 2004.  To win, all you have to do is re-write the lyrics to classic Backstreet Boys song, ‘Quit Playing Games with my Heart’. For your chance at winning, post your answers in this forum post. Please note that tickets are for the after party only: tickets to the show are not included.