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Shout-Out – July 30, 2014

Twenty-four bus stop shelters worth 1.4 million yuan are stolen on July 24 in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province.

24 bus stops have gone missing in Nanjing. All 24 shelters were taken from Jiangbei Avenue, along with 23 bus stop signs and four benches. A man named Zheng, who is attached to the Nanjing Public Transportation Group said that they were ‘looking at a well-prepared group of thieves.’ The Nanjing government had built 25 of the 45 bus shelters they were planning for the area. As all but one bus stop has been stolen, developers are hesitant to continue.


Shout-Out – July 29, 2014

You use expired meat and as landlord I am ashamed of you,’ read a sign hung outside a KFC in Xiamen. The banner was hung above a closed shop next door to a branch of KFC. As well as the banner there was a smaller sign that asked, ‘What does expired meat taste like?’ Another sign added, ‘We should boycott chicken fed with antibiotics.’ The recent Husi Food scandal is a hot topic in our forums. Join the discussion here.


Shout-Out – July 28, 2014

An armed robber in Zhejiang was stopped by an dancing old lady. The woman, named Li, is more than 60 years old and dances regularly. According to witnesses, she used some nifty footwork to sneak up behind a knife-wielding robber in her son’s jewelry shop. The elderly dancer then grabbed the armed man’s wrist, and a salesman finished the job by shocking the thief with a taser.

‘He was very thin and seemed to be nervous,’ Li said of the robber, who is named Zhou and is 35 years old. Zhou, meanwhile, was baffled. ‘Does she practice kung fu or something? How is she so strong?’ he complained to the police.


Shout-Out – July 25, 2014

Want to join a band? You might find your future band-mates in the forums. New member Damselle is looking for musicians to help her form a Shanghai-based band. She’s a singer who describes her musical taste as ‘eclectic’ and includes Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone among her favourites. Damselle isn’t the only Shanghai Expat member looking for musical friends. Whether you want to find band mates, join an orchestra, or you’re looking for opportunities to perform, make sure to check out our musicians forum to see what’s out there.


Shout-Out – February 20, 2013

As Shanghai continues to deal with aging population issues, locals have reason to smile as 121,100 babies were born to Shanghai residents in 2012. The ratio of male to female newborns is still quite skewed at around 112:100.  Last year saw the city’s population go up by 330,000, reaching a whopping 23.8 million. Migrant workers now make up for about half of the population. Another 105,000 were born to Chinese from other provinces.  It’s the first time in 19 years that the local population has been so high, finally breaking the declining birth rate.

Shout-Out – February 19, 2013

Shanghai government officials have big plans for the Year of the Snake. Some of the major goals include making the city more green, raising cultural awareness as well as continue to build on Shanghai’s finance and shipping industries. The government are trying to think outside of the box and bring more innovation to the city. Even at a National level, officials are working on making sure Shanghai becomes international business hub by the end of the decade. The high costs of living in Shanghai maybe be offset by an increase of average salaries. Over 500,000 jobs are expected to be created by the end of this year.

Shout-Out – February 18, 2013

This year’s Spring Festival was as safe as ever as thousands of police and firefighters took to the streets. The Public Security Bureau had over 20,000 patrolling the city during China’s biggest holiday of the year. On February 13th, the 5th day of the holiday, is usually when the most fireworks are set off to welcome the God of Wealth. Fire trucks and police helicopters were especially busy that night preventing large fires from breaking out. On top of that, Shanghai police worked with neighboring Jiangsu and Zhejiang traffic patrols to ensure road safety throughout the holiday.

Shout Out – February 16, 2013

Some of the best jobs in China belong to people taking advantage of China’s booming social media networks. Online cartoonists, online novelists and even people running Taobao stores are making upwards of a million RMB by becoming well known through online platforms. Most of these jobs aren’t traditional money makers in China and some of those who are benefiting from their new found online fame also have traditional day jobs as well. An eBook found through Beidu can get millions of views and some online novelists have signed book deals with major print distributors.

Shout-Out – February 8, 2013

For 6 consecutive years, China has produced more gold than any other country in the world. Last year’s output reached 403.05 tons of gold, a World record. In 1949, China only produced around 4 tons of gold but policies from the central government made gold production a priority in certain provinces. Shandong, Jiangxi and Henan are the most prominent gold producing provinces in China.