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Shout-Out – July 24, 2014

Excitement over a free condom delivery service appears to have been premature. A website was set up in Kunming to deliver free condoms to those too embarrassed to purchase them from a store. The website promised a two day delivery time, but ultimately failed to perform, taking up to ten days to deliver the goods. In total, 31,270 of the laggardly condoms have been shipped over the past six months. It’s not clear how many couples are now expecting babies instead of contraceptives.


Shout-Out – July 23, 2014

A man in Guangdong married four women, and none of them knew about the others for years. The polygamist was found out when one of his wives suspected him of having an affair, but it turned out he was just keeping to his multiple marriage vows. The man’s secret escaped legal interference because the older marriages were not entered into China’s records system. In 1992, he married his first wife. In 1994, he married two wives in one year. That was enough for him until 2007, when he decided to guard against loneliness in old age by marrying a fourth wife.


Shout-Out – July 22, 2014

Tooth tattoos have become increasingly popular in the United States and Shanghai. More and more Shanghai residents have been visiting cosmetic surgeons in order to get toothy tattoos. There is a choice between temporary tattoos, which are drawn or stuck onto the teeth, and permanent designs drilled into the teeth. Recently warnings about the tattoos have been in the news; drilling can damage teeth and stickers can cause allergies. ‘We don’t encourage young people to have tooth tattoos,’ said one doctor.

Shout-Out – July 21, 2014

Sexist parking spaces have caused ongoing dispute across China. A mall in Dalian has ten spaces marked in pink; these spaces are an extra thirty centimeters wide. ‘We just wanted to make things easier for our customers,’ claimed female manager Yang Hongjun. Last year Beijing police said on their microblog that female drivers lack a sense of direction. The pink parking spaces have sparked nationwide discussion about gender equality.

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Shout-Out – February 8, 2013

For 6 consecutive years, China has produced more gold than any other country in the world. Last year’s output reached 403.05 tons of gold, a World record. In 1949, China only produced around 4 tons of gold but policies from the central government made gold production a priority in certain provinces. Shandong, Jiangxi and Henan are the most prominent gold producing provinces in China.

Shout-Out – February 7, 2013

Last Friday, sanitation workers searched 6 tons of trash in order to find 5,300RMB that was thrown away on accident by a Xuhui resident. After 3 hours of searching the contents of 2 garbage trucks, the workers finally found the money. The drivers received a call on the way to Anhui, where the dump site is located, and were ordered to stop and begin a search.

Shout-Out – February 6, 2013

This isn’t exactly Hard Boiled or Infernal Affairs but gang activity does go on in Shanghai. However, most of it is small time operations targeting foreigners in the city. Most attempts by larger gang organizations to enter Shanghai have been put to a halt by police.  Just recently, 50 gang members were arrested in connection to various cons targeting expats including fake bars, KTVs and tea houses. Police have also brought over 90 gangs to justice for other illicit activities. Gangs in the city also target businesses such as construction, catering and property management companies.

Shout-Out – February 5, 2013

A new volunteer group set up shop in Pudong over the weekend. The group is helping foreigners with day to day issues that they might have living in a foreign country. There are representatives from the UK, the US, Russia and South Korea. They’ll primarily specialize in visa questions, complaints and even suggestions for improving city issues. The group will then file complains and questions to city police or the Entry-Exit bureau. Shanghai continues to make strides at making the city a more foreign friendly place as more expats arrive.

Shout-Out – February 4, 2013

Shanghai’s Center of Disease Control has reported that the city’s cancer rate is well above the national average. Recently about 50,000 new cancer patients and 30,000 deaths have been reported. The nation average of cancer patients is around 285 per 100,000 people. Shanghai’s average is 350. Smoking, drinking and unhealthy diets are some of the chief reasons for the high rates. The leading types of cancer in Shanghai include lung cancer, colon cancer and gastric caner. Cancer morality rates are around 2/3s less than Western countries.