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Inspiring Millions to a Million: An Evening With Ahmad Ashkar

One-Off Event Free


This event has already passed


6:30 p.m. to 9:30 a.m.



Inspiring Millions to a Million: An Evening With Ahmad Ashkar

Founded in 2009 by Ahmad Ashkar, the Hult Prize has become the world’s largest open innovation platform and student competition for social good. Every year thousands of students apply for the challenge, many more are inspired to become social entrepreneurs, endless enthralling ideas are propelled and one team receives $1,000,000,000 to launch their social enterprise.
In addition to the seed capital winners also receive mentorship and advice from international business leaders. Past winners of the Hult Prize include the “Magic Bus”, an organization tacking the challenges faced by crowded urban spaces and “Aspire” an organization that grows, processes and sells edible insects in a bid to address the global food crisis.
Here’s a platform that truly helps students’ ideas grow!
Ahmad Ashkar, whose inspirational energy has already ignited the sparks of thousands of students each year, will be in Shanghai this January. Ahmad will be interacting with the Green Initiatives community and sharing his experiences on what motivated him to launch this initiative, the challenges he faced, his ideas for the future and what keeps him inspired.
Meet the man and feel the energy that has and still will impact so many people’s futures, including yours!

Event Itinerary:

18:30-19:15 Registrations, drinks & networking
19:15-19:25 Brief Introductions by Green Initiatives and Hult
19:25-19:35 Short Video on Social Entrepreneurship
19:35-19:45 Elevated Pitch by 5 Social Entrepreneurs in Shanghai
19:45-20:00 Short presentation by Ahmad Ashkar, CEO of Hult Prize
19:45-20:30 Q&A with audience
20:30-21:30 Drinks & networking

Time : 13-01-2017 18:30 - 21:00
Place: DOBE WE" @Bund, 1st Floor Gallery, 501 Jiujiang Road,
Near Shanxi (S) Road, Huangpu Dt., Shanghai
East Nanjing Road Metro Station, Exit 4

Ahmad Ashkar在2009年建立了Hult Prize-霍特奖,霍特奖已经成为了世界上最大的创新平台,更成为了学生们对社会改善的竞争目标。每年都会有上千的学生来竞争,很多学生的目标是成为一个社会企业家,每年陪伴学生们的是更多创新的理念和概念,赢得这个奖的团队会得到 $1,000,000,000来开始他们的社会企业。

除了奖金,赢得霍特奖的团队会受到世界级企业的指导和建议。过去赢得霍特奖的包括“Magic Bus”,一个针对挑战拥挤城市空间问题的组织。以及“Aspire”,一个培养,加工和销售食用昆虫来解决的全球粮食危机的组织。


Ahmad Ashkar 的灵感能量每年都激发了数千名学生的灵感。他今年1月将在上海与绿色倡议社区互动,分享他的经验和什么促使他推出了这一倡议。他会分享他面临过的挑战,未来的想法和让他继续前进的灵感。


时间:13-01-2017 18:30 - 21:30

地址:德必外滩WE'' 多功能厅

九江路501号1楼 (南京东路地铁4出口)

Published by DOBE on 01/05/2017

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