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Matroswimming. Babies 4-36 months old

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Matroswimming. Babies 4-36 months old

If you like to swim, a good activity to stimulate your small baby is Matroswimming, which consists in the aquatic stimulation through games that allow him or her to float and move in the water with the assistance of parents. Experts recommend waiting for the baby to be four months old, when the immunological system is mature enough.

The smaller are in contact with the water, they will learn to enjoy the water without fear. It’s also a complete sport that keeps children active and healthier. Matroswimming is beneficial both in the physical and emotional side because it allows babies to sleep better and be more relaxed. On the other side, it tightens the bonds with the parents, since they share a valuable time as a family.

This experience in the water improves the babies’ motor coordination and balance due to the confidence they gain inside the pool and their parents’s assistance. They also learn through didactic games that teachers use during the lessons.

These lessons are particularly designed for families with babies from 4 to 36 months old, who want to enjoy the water.

The lesson will last 35 minutes in the water, using specific instruments.

The main objective is to get familiar with the environment through games and create a nice atmosphere between babies, parents and the water.

To achieve these goals, the teacher will use the parents as a link between the baby and the water. The instructor will explain different aspects like hygiene, health, and rules to follow when you handle a baby in the water.

With all this, we try to make parents capable of motivating and achieving adaptation of babies in water, to lead in the future learning of swimming.

You can have an experience baby class in a nice place. With a safe and clean playground, a small and warm swimming pool, and a nice room, very comfortable with sofas.... I think is really good for us

Cucugua Daycare Mum&Me Program

When: Fridays 11,00am or Fridays 3:00pm

Where: Nearby Hongmei Road

Ages: Babies 4-36 months accompanied by parent
Language of instruction: English
wechat ID cucugua

Published by cucugua on 04/03/2015

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