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How to tell hookers and other girls apart in clubs?
1 night on the town in Shanghai - where should I go ?!?
It's Friday night. I'm alone. Where should I go?
Karaoke in Shanghai?
hookers in big bamboo ?
Entertainment for the older generation - help...
where are those great hookers
Tongren Lu : Question
Vegas Awaits You
Da Tong - bars and clubs
Exclusive/luxury activities in SH
xintiandi VS maominglu
Any Filipino bands in shanghai
Suggestions for nightlife?
1st time in Shanghai need advice
Coming - First time
Bar Where Theres Someone That Speaks English!
help and advice
Hotel in Macau
Hongqiao or Pudong
Back to the US
M2 - questions abound
Laris hookers
Moving to Shanghai for a year on my 34th birthday
Motown Bar-Tong Ren Road on Friday
U.S. Pay $2.6m Train Chinese Prostitutes
bars on/along hengshan rd, xuhui district
Clubs in Shanghai???
Biggest liar in Shanghai
Cheap place to stay in Macau?
M50 Galleries and Supermodels
Needed: Retail Space
New Canton fair in Guangzhou China
disobliging meetings
Filipino Designer
Big Bamboo Golf Tourney April 22
The new Tongren Lu?
Tomorrow Night At Big Bamboo?
In-house ( incall ) massage service
anyone's been expating in DUBAI???
Power Converters / Voltage Transformers BULK BUY
GTA IV Thread
The International Noise Conspiracy live in BJ
Good bars/clubs in Pudong?
Attitudes towards sex . . .
How is Shanghai different from other Chinese cities?
Is it important about the V day company...and how
Hey Jiuting'ers, WTF is this?
Robbed in M2
Single, young and moving to Shanghai- HELP!
spiked drinks alert - watch out for your friends!
is anyone woking at LUJIAZUI SHANGHAI?
Advice on nightlife during business trip
BEWARE! Ayi robs
Christmas Break Away with kids
7 Expat Women Deported from Shanghai
Ladies of the Night
What happened to the night life in Shanghai?
Do most guys go without it here?
one park avenue = known criminal compound
Corrupt Chinese officials 'revealing crimes to mistresses'.
Benefits of regular exercise
Just arrived in Shanghai, looking for a guide (:
Coat Hangers
Where the Party At?
Old Manhattan Bar on Huashan Lu
STD checks in Shanghai
Muse on Thursday nights
Worst and Best way to Die?
The Ultimate Cinema!
good beach this time of year
French Concession?
Maoming nan lu revisited
Anybody interested in buying my fapios
Why European expat looks down on Asian ones?
Chinese expat websites in the USA?
Anyone know the owner of The Apartment?
There is no such a thing as internet freedom in China?
Chef Grant Brunsden from M1NT Restaurant
Sexy ayi
One night in Manila.
Sayonarra China
get rid of Attica spam
Why You Should Eat at Dirty Little Chinese restaurant!!?
Teacher time
Malones coming to Pudong
If I ever leave Singapore, these are the things I won't miss
Russian singles
Best high end bar in shanghai?
looking for some guys to hang out / ktv with..
Living Allowance
just arrived in SongJiang
answer this if u have been to the famous nan jing lu(road)
binladen, we love you forever!
Supply and Demand
Where is GayMark?
No Romance in Bar?
Free haircut for westerns
I miss Shanghai
Best bars to pick up girls?
a confused sexual question may you can answer
Huashan Residence
Official rent receipts v.s Fapios
Social responsibility of bars and parents!
Looking for chinese girl friend aged between 22 & 30
Life in Chang Ning District
Visit Macau? Same as Vegas?
Where's the new spot guys?
Mandatory spying on foreigners in hotels now...
key words
Mensa Invitational
block text on a Nokia
I met this Japanese girl
How hookers approach you.
Tips about Hainan?
Shanghai vs. HK?
Place to take customer
Best area to live, in walking distance to Bund - urgent!
total n00b
looking for Philippino Maid / Ayi / Nanny in Shanghai
Strange rumor? from Mitbbs.com
Shame Parade
Jackpot !!
Scottish Friendship!
Recommended Hip Hop clubs
2 long island ice tea's
Which bar's got the best action?
Best night ever in a gogo's=Bobo's bar!!!!
US Gov't Tax Rebate
Malones going downhill...fast
what to do in shanghai aside from shopping?
Clubbing in Shanghai?
another nightlife question
Life in Pudong
thanksgiving dinner
Cash - what will I need
No guests in room at 11:00 for Olympics?
Hard Rock Caf
Julu bars RIP
Advice coming from UK + new(ish) to SH.
Where to go out on a weekday?
If China reported things like this???
How much for selling a used Imac ?
Where to go with my friend from overseas
In defence of the Shanghai tank
Malones Thumb Plaza.....
looking for foreign girls to dance in Disco...
Did you have sleep paralysis?
need information from you guys
Night Market
Another question about cost of living in Shanghai
Found a bar that cheats locals and foreigners
general questions about shanghai
Southeast Asia Suggestions
A Question on Some Women in Shanghai
Wii party - now
"You're outta here!" Outrageous stories of being
Is my husband "safe" in Shanghai?
Positive things about Shanghai
visit advice
Malones Free Love!
Is it old-fashioned?
Fat White Trash picking up Chinese Girls.
The Attraction of Shanghai Bar Culture for Foreigners
Looking for Best Night Out in Shanghai
RMB1000 to take our cat who needs a new home
Are the Chinese community in NZ mad?
Where to meet russians/eastern europeans?
What now?
Ideas for American Travel TV Show
Would foreign girls like to make friends with Chinese girls?
AGGRESSIVE, VIOLENT foreigners in Shanghai.....
What's your opinion on Shanghai bars?
Shanghai is a hellhole
I hate Park 97!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bar to meet some normal girls?
Raid at ZAPATAs last night?
Channels to know guys
Any feedback about Saipan
What's the most obnoxious thing?
Need Help: American Student in SH looking for local GF,but..
I have a job offer in Shanghai what do I do?
I am 40 years chinese business man !I help you if u need do
No man's land? The unwantable?
Macau questions
Yangzhou ~ coming soon!
Big Bamboo
Are you in or out?
Disapointing Tuesday
Decoder Rings
Hostel Recommendations
Datong Mall entertainment area - anyone been?
I teach you English for free
Go out tonight - young crowd; possible?
17,000 RMB per month
Possible to survive on 100 RMB a day?
Prostitution In China (Research)
going out for special dinner
Expo Opening-Weekend Closings
Be careful out there.. tongren - nanjing lu.
Shanghainese girls
How to Spot a "Stealth Ho"
Men all like girls in high heels?
Why don't you like karaok?
Big breasted hooker chicks?
Price of iPhones
Tiger Tales
Maggies Beijing Closed Down
where is best place to live in shanghai?
Advice before I take the plunge
Couple have sex every day for a year
Why are people so critical to the Bund
one nıght stand
***** taxis
Live Music
Wish this old goose a happy birthday!
What are the positive things about the 'Credit Crunch' ??
red dead redemption- who likes it?
Are people friendly to COLD APPROACHES?
The Shanghai Expat DotCom Members Bar Review !!!
in-demand jobs in shanghai?
How French girls fantasize about Chinese men
Olympicsment comment by me - Arseny
How to get longer sleep?
the weather. 22C by thursday!
When was the last time you . . .
Middle age crisis ??
Is he a bad boy?
AHHHH, some Chinese girls
please help: single american male in shanghai: where do i go
shelter shut down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MISSING PERSON! please help!
Best Happy Ending place?
Office Boredom Weekend Insanity
Why there is no strip club in Shanghai??
Thailand Trip
where do you think is the best pub in Shanghai ?
Paul van Dyk at Rich Baby. Anyone?
This gun's for hire!
"The Guy" - A Thailand Con Artist based in Beijing
Late Payroll - is it normal in China?
Shanghai Sex/Service Industry vs Local's mind set
what do you think of QQ chat?
29 yr old moving to Shanghai next year
30,000 RMB
moving to sh
A-long, 6y old and HIV positive
Friends with benefit
F1 Boss in orgy shocker
nightlife during the holiday is boring!
Shanghai expat's msn / facebook exchange!! OVER HERE!join us
SHexpat gender changes a new reality
Horse Racing
Shanghai's Boys in Blue
Little iEmperors
Expat to Shanghai - Salary?
Is Shanghai a tougher gig than Dubai or Johur Baru?
party to end all partiies
Am I crazy to take this job in China? Advice pls
Flash back Bar and other "girl bars"
Good in bed and...
Looking for a relationship
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico v Belize
1 in 100 U.S. Adults Behind Bars, New Study Says
Burma cyclone death toll could hit 63,000
How Much Do You Earn?
Pacquiao vs Margacheato
dead people
If you were going to go to ONE club...
I just want to dance...
What's the dress code in the mainstream clubs?
Is it better to get paid in HKD, RMB or USD?
City Shop-Great until it's time to pay
Working for a Corporation?
To the woman who took a dump on the dance floor last night
It's Monday morning and...
Mojo is returning!
I hate Park 97 from tonight on!!! I hate what they did for u
Hooters & Why Ill never go again!
Zapata's and prostitutes don't mix
looking for a pick up place
FUBU & ONS - Just How liberated "open minded" are you?
i have a story to tell. once upon a time on tongren lu...
good Strip club on Shanghai?
:oops: My first chineese girl experience
2.5men is canceld
I am leaving TYQL......
Things That Went The Way of the Nickel Hot Dog
From Bangkok to Shanghai....
He will have one of them for sure!?
got extorted by some waidi movers
How many expat believe this before come to SH?
expat women facial expression ?
mao ming road is blockout?
Dubai or Shanghai?
Dive Bar Crawl
Living in Jiading?
Koh Samui or Phuket?
Would like to clarify one thing about escort
What makes you decide to live in Shanghai.....
Do you make more than 30,000 RMB a month? (Over/Under game)
Long distance = long shot??
visiting Shanghai from 5th September
new come people make friends with here
How to 'go local' and save money in Shanghai?
Would any of you live in Shanghai/China long term?
Any African Americans living and working in Shanghai
locals fighting foreigners
Why americans under 40 dont follow the news?
Dear Ayi...
Is Shanghai the best place in the world?
Smuggest professions
Best Food and/or Drink Deals.
The Truth We All Need to Know About
Why do all of Shanghai's bar names sound like strip joints?
new M2 - same terrible design
Laowai Men in Shanghai.
She kept walking into me? and other Untranslatables
I am never drinking ever again. EVER.
Visiting shanghai soon, just 4 days , need advices!
Favorite little-known movies!
Where do you hang out in SH?
Chinese students in distress
Any experience with Disney in HK??
waiting for her call again?
Who's the biggest Racist on Shex?
AA in Shanghai
Hmm ... this question is for the ladies here ...
Why are Chinese people obsessed with Karaoke....??
do you like your life in Shanghai?
FAPIAO Question
the difference about the girls in Shanghai and Guangzhou
Looking for a serious girlfriend.
Safe Club
Nice place where u can chill?
Unhappy Ending
I think I'm done with Chinese girls
Opportunity to work in Shanghai - Salary Question Enclosed
Whats wrong with expat restaurants in Shanghai?
Noisy Neighbor
And whose tax money was paying for that suite....?
Are there any bars that Gel DOES like?
Kief and Snuden, Private Investigators
iam desprate,,,does a mixed couple really work out?
How to meet girls/hook up?
Place where it is easy to pick up (chinese) girls
Utility Costs in Shanghai
Looking in all the wrong places for hot patient girl
When I arrived in Shanghai...
Scam at World Link?
Why are some ESL teachers total losers?
italians do it better
Business Trip - Suits
Moving to Shanghai, cost of living...
Can laowai join the Chinese Communist Party?
Whats the Best place to meet Young EXTREMELY HOT GIRLS
Want to have an affair
Any one know about CLUB M1NT?
I am such a loyal Starbucks customer
Stupid Things That Laowai's Say.
If you could have any car to drive here, what would it be?
Windows empire
Self Hating Chinese.
Dating a Chinese woman - how long before they 'put out'?
Fantasy Premier League
hide or not
4am to 7am, what can I do?
Addicted to Reading
Where can i get non-dreadful clothes for my Shanghainese gf?
Shanghai wearing me down
SMS sexting keyword ban list?
How Many Foreigners Are in Prison or Murdered in China?
Barry Lyndon
Do people need to be so cynical?
Perceived western male superiority (rant!)
life in Shanghai - Intellectual Frustration?
Chinese, whites, blacks, ohh my!!!
Which Airline Provides the Best Service in/out of SH?
Hot Expat women - are there any?
I feel stuck in SH
I tossed her, now she's going f'ing nuts at my door
US Tax Question - No W-2
Do I need psychological counselling?
WikiLeaks: CIA paper says U.S. is an 'Exporter of Terrorism'
Hot Athletes of the Beijing Olympics
two job offers, one in Singapore, on in shanghai.... HELP!
Do You Think of Shanghai as Home?
Testing escort services in Shanghai
I'm An Idiot and Fell For a Nanjing Lu Scam: Can I Dispute?
Quick Investigation: Do You Like Shanghai or not?
How many times a week?
New Frozen Yogurt Store, Now Open!
westerners on crystal meth?
For the iPad owners
Wearing signs
Tips for finding a Western boyfriend
cheapest way to send money
So who is the REAL Shanghai old-timer here?
Come on, foreign gals
Rich and Bored
Join Me in Saying "NO" to Bar Entrance Fees
Someone who can help two girls visiting Shanghai?
Biggest mistake of my life?
Strange conversations with Chinese strangers???
not real hairdresser salons with girls waiting
Organized Crime a.k.a. Mafia in Shanghai
Time's aticking....
Living Costs
how easy is it for foreigners?
Support group for Sex Addiction
Does China officially recognize any "Human Rights?"
Always sick in Shanghai !!!
My Strategies to move to China for work/business
Do Chinese have any values?
Need help: Should I stop now or "invest" further?
just want to say something
What do you do for lunch?
Too big "little brother" problem :(
do i drink too much?
Moving back to US!? talk me out of it....
Trailing Spouses Not Loving It Here?
Best Burger in Shanghai
philippino girls
Best Bar / Beer Girl
Men Not Apologizing
So what's the plan after China ?
THAT'S Malones?
Kylie at M1NT on Friday
Is depression common among expats?
The most disappointing thing you learned about China
girl I just met is sleeping in my bed
Girls' look is really that important?
Tattoos in China
Why can't Asians say R?
expats leaving shanghai
What do you think she will do next...
whats the chance of one night stand?
10 Things about Tibet, not being said in the west.
China Calls Out the U.S. on its Credit Downgrade? Say Wha?!
Is The Apartment going downhill?
Found out my GF is a prostitute (long story)
Your "Falling Down" moment?
Leaving due to out of control racism
France set to crack down on face veils
She drives me mad
Any New Yorkers out there?
Saturday Night Fun?
How do you talk to a 15 year old boy?
Pickpocketed in XJH Blue Frog
"That's Beijing" magazine gets screwed (or Kiddo'd
has anyone found his or her love in a club?
What the hell happened to my girlfriend?!?!
Shanghai vs Singapore
Enjoy Shanghai Classifieds.
Where to meet the beautiful girls of Shanghai?
Do you pay all dating bills?
Could actually find a decent Shanghainese GF?
Gosh! My mother washed his clothes!
why do you come here?
Favourite Smell
So what makes a guy good in bed?
What's your favourite joke?
I was Treated With the Most Disrespect Ever Today. :(
Guide to The Spot
"You are too fabulous NOT to be a working girl"
China - The Great Escape for the Middle Aged Laowai
Open marriage
Please help us~
Is there a way to get around the colour blindness test?
Western and Chinese attraction
Typhoon off the coast on Wed.
So What am I Doing Wrong, Here?
Cheated in massage parlor, what should i do ?
Chinese girls in Mint
Drunken posting thread
Restaurant Peeves! ARRGGHHHH
Paris photos
How Do I Get Chinese Chicks To Throw Themselves At Me?
How to strike up a conversation with a foreign lady
Cost of an average wild night out......?
Am I a Hooker???