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The Best of Shanghai

Games Workshop School Alliance

The School Alliance is a club offered to you and your school by us at Games Workshop in which we will support you with everything you need! We provide the teacher in charge with a free teachers kit...

Address: Number 153-155 Xujiahui Roa, Close by Madang Road Station exit 3, Line 9, Huangpu Area, Shanghai, 200021


The Genius Workshop (Hongqiao Center)

The Genius Workshop offers classes for children aged 3 - 14 across a wide range of topics, including Engineering, Robotics, and Animation, using LEGO as an educational tool. We are committed to...

Address: 3211 Hongmei Road, Unit 504, Tai Hao Building, Minhang

Phone: 6446 6766

Gateway Consulting College Admissions

We specialize in helping international students get into top US universities and boarding schools. Our team (Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles) are all graduates of top US universities and experts at he...

Address: 1088 West Yan An Road, Suite 801

Phone: 5295 7050

Wellington College International Shanghai

Opened in August 2014 and located in the New Bund area, Wellington College International Shanghai is a fully co-educational day and boarding school with over 750 pupils, aged 2 to 18. Embracing the...

Address: 1500 Yao Long Road

Phone: 51853885

YK Pao School (Primary Division)

YK Pao School offers an innovative bilingual education with foundations in Chinese culture and integrated with an international approach and perspective. YK Pao School is one of a small number of scho...

Address: Number 20, Lane 1251 West Wuding Road, Shanghai 200042

Phone: (+86) 21 6167 1999

YK Pao School (Secondary Division)

YK Pao School offers an innovative bilingual education with foundations in Chinese culture and integrated with an international approach and perspective. YK Pao School is one of a small number of scho...

Address: Number 1800, Lane 900 North Sanxin Road, Shanghai 201620

Phone: (+86) 21 6167 1999

Canadian International School Kunshan

Founded in 2012, CISK is an affiliated school with St. John’s-Kilmarnock School (SJK) , a prestigious private school in Ontario, Canada. CISK is a welcoming, caring, and learning school communit...

Address: 1855 West Ma'anshan Lu, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province

Phone: 0512 5778 1328


  Established in 2003, Dulwich Colllege is a partner school of the prestigious Dulwich College London and provides world-class education to 1,400 expatriate students from age 2-18. The student p...

Address: 266 Lan An Lu

Phone: 5899 9910


Our name means “Seven Colored Flowers” after a famous story where each petal represents one wish. We’re a local school offering a Chinese immersion education and we welcome foreign students in effort ...

Address: Lane 56, 46 Yandang Lu

Phone: Zhijun Shao, Vice Principal 5386 1505

Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School

  Shanghai Pinghe School was founded in 1996 and has been an IB member school since 2002. In the same year, the international program kicked off, featuring a rigorous, well-balanced, combined Ch...

Address: 261 Huangyang Lu

Phone: 5031 1866 (English); 503 10417 (Chinese)


The mission of Jincai International School:To be a creative and harmonious learning community where everyone is expected to use their head, heart and hands to realise their full potential. Elementary...

Address: 26 E Shan Lu, Pudong

Phone: 5089 8887 (MS/HS); 5033-1668 ext. 7108 (Elementary)

Shanghai High School - International Division

  SHSID was founded in 1993 and became an IB member school in 1995. In 2002, it became the only UNESCO associated school in Shanghai. SHSID enrolls Grade 1 to 12 students from foreign countries,...

Address: 989 Baise Lu

Phone: 6476 5516 or 6453 3318


The main subjects of study in the English program are English, math, Chinese, physics, chemistry, and science among others. The Chinese program is for international students who want to enhance their ...

Address: 1555 Jufeng Lu

Phone: 6897 3118 / 135 018 32908


Our school is a private school operated by Shanghai Vanke Ltd and the High School affiliated with the prestigious Fudan University. Established in 1996, SVKS offers two special programs that cater to ...

Address: 263 Xingzhan Lu

Phone: 6419 7597 ext. 1118

Shanghai Experimental School - International Division

Attached to the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, our mission is to build a world for students, and to train them for the world. We integrate educational, instructional and innovative teaching ...

Address: No. 1, 13th Residential Quarter of Tianlin

Phone: Joyce Xie: 6470 1913


The school offers various combinations of Chinese and American curriculum in three different tracks for international students including Jingwai Program for native Chinese speakers who also want a str...

Address: 736 Zu Chongzhi Lu

Phone: Ms. Chen or Ms. Zhou 5080 4157 or 5080 1492


Fudan International School (FDIS) is located near Fudan University in Yangpu District. Recognizing the needs of our diverse, multinational student body, the FDIS promotes creativity, self-reflection i...

Address: 325 Guoquan Lu

Phone: 6511 1292

Aiju Primary School - International Division

  Aiju Primary School was founded in 1993. It’s a private school with an international stream (or waijiban) that offers a strong focus in the arts. The school has an established and rigoro...

Address: 247 Anfu Lu (near Wukang Lu)

Phone: Ms.Li, 139 1720 6973


YCIS features a unique co-cultural model, making it a truly international school. The school's Co-Teaching (and Co-Principal) system integrates the best elements of both Eastern and Western cultures, ...

Address: Hongqiao: 11 Shuicheng Lu; Gubei: 18 Ronghua Xi Lu; Regency Park: 1817 Huamu Lu; Century Park: 1433 Dongxiu Lu

Phone: 2226-7666