Format: 2014-04-25
Format: 2014-04-25
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  • Situated in the middle of the ever-expanding Cao He Jing Software Industrial Park area, and found on the first floor of this relatively new Renaissance hotel, the BLD Café has revamped their dinner buffet to focus on a continuously changing selection of fresh, seasonal ingredients.

  • Last month, China’s Premier Xi Jinping embarked on a much publicized state visit to France. Given the shaky current state of world affairs, you might have thought that the biggest story might be, you know… political. China’s continuing rise, perhaps, or proposed shared solutions to Europe’s current economic woes.

    But no: much of the French media was more interested in what some of the most powerful people in the world ate for lunch.

  • Have you heard the news yet? Haiku, Shanghai’s standard for high-quality sushi and Japanese cuisine, has just added many new selections to their already impressive menu of tried-and-true classics. I was delighted to be invited to sample some of these new menu items and to re-visit some of my old favorites.

    As we settled into our comfortably deep, cushiony booth table, the meal started with a refreshing Sunomono of vinegared Shitake mushrooms. The semi-sweet and sour vinegar, mixing with exploding fresh mushroom juices, got my mouth watering and my appetite roaring.

  • Recipes: Easter Mazurek 2014-04-14 11:00

    Easter as an expat can be hard: Shanghai is hardly awash with Easter adornments at this time of year. So, why not try making yourself some traditional European Easter treats? Mazurek is a kind of short crust pastry traditionally baked in Poland. A generous layer of icing (usually chocolate) is spread over it, which is then decorated with chocolate eggs, dried fruits, walnuts, almonds.

  • Since 1929, the ninth floor of the Fairmont Peace Hotel, formerly the Cathay Hotel, has been home to an exclusive escape from the often claustrophobic streets along Nanjing East Road.

    Overlooking Shanghai’s scenic Pudong skyline (make sure to request a table near the window or outside on the terrace), The Cathay Room offers an exquisite dining experience for both lunch from noon to 2:30 p.m. and dinner from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Menus are prepared by Executive Chef Nicholas Blair, an Australian native coming from a long line of chefs dating back four generations.

  • It’s obvious to everyone, even people on the other side of the world, that China is changing. Though it isn’t the most talked about of China’s progressions, one of the ways in which the country is undergoing significant shifts is in its eating habits.

    This has already been relatively well documented in terms of the Chinese people’s continuing love affair with hamburgers and the attendant weight and nutrition issues. But the consequences are much further reaching than that. When a country of over 1 billion quite suddenly changes its diet, the whole world will at some point have to take notice.

  • Open since December 28, 2013, Helen Nail Spa’s newest salon is smaller than its other two on Nan Chang Road and Julu Road, but has the same natural, comforting vibe as the other two locations. Customers looking for a relaxing escape from the everyday hustle of Shanghai can find solace through Helen’s variety of services, from the classic French manicure (130 RMB) to the more special SPA gold therapy treatment (1180 RMB). Cloth couches fill the first floor, while leather couches and massage rooms occupy the second. The décor—complete with wooden floors, tables and trays—is dimly lit, adding to the calm, nature-themed atmosphere.

  • SHEX Reviews: Dos Locos 2014-03-06 10:49

    Under the management of Chinese-American Charles Zeng, who also owns Piro Restaurant and Bar and Captain Rooster, Dos Locos opened in January 2014 with the slogan ‘Crazy Good Burritos.’ From burgers at Piro to burritos at Dos Locos, Zeng says he likes running restaurants which serve simple food that he can cook, as well. Zeng didn't deny the influence of American chain Chipotle in helping him conceive the idea behind Dos Locos.

    The ceiling is covered with the message ‘Be Amazing,’ in glittering bright red lights. Quotes from Apple’s Steve Jobs and rapper Jay Z, among others, line one wall, while posters displaying slogans such as ‘Made By People, Not Machines’ line another. The music, mostly American pop, might be played a little loud for some tastes.

  • You could be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at the Shanghai Shangri-La this year. Sherpa’s is offering the chance to win a table for ten at the hotel's exclusive St. Patrick’s Day Ball. Tickets for this event are very difficult to get hold of, and a table for 10 is worth 15,000 RMB. Entering is easy. All you have to do is head to the Sherpa’s website here and guess how many people will be attending the ball.

  • Intro: This is an easy recipe for delicious homemade Chocolate Cookies with a Vanilla Twist. The cookies taste best served warm with strawberry mousse.