It is a place to put all the information about specific topics in one place so like minded people can share. So members of the site can start a group based on Food, or Web Design, or Cars for instance. It also can be a place for not-for-profit organizations to get a web presence and to get in front of larger online community. Even of your organization has a site, you can still benefit by being online on Shanghaiexpat.
  • trade law business 69 members

    I assist clients to buy from factory in china or to set up enterprises

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  • Travel Buddies 235 members

    A group for people love travel, find out about fantastic low group travel rates, make friends and travel with other travel buddies

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    Tags : last minute deals, looking for travel partners, travel
  • Visa Queries 62 members

    we can try our best to assist you ~!

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  • Volleyball Fun 84 members

    Play Volleyball Around Shanghai

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  • Zeatech Computer Systems Pte Ltd please visit

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  • Work On Shanghaiexpat 123 members

    Test Group to track and discuss the work to do on Shex

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  • Calling all writers, poets and readaholics

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  • Awesome lunch deals near your office in Shanghai and Shenzhen everyday. Deals are all around you!

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    Tags : 50% off, asian restaurants, chinese restaurants, group-buying, lunch deals, shanghai, shenzhen, western restaurants, wufantuan
  • Yetso Inc 41 members

    Share Special Life and Business of China

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