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Korean food for pregnancy

Korean food for pregnancy

Postby lilstar » Thu Jul 17, 2008 9:56 pm

I love korean food and enjoy the fresh vegetables such as lettuce leaf, sesame leaf and garlic. However I read a lot about the danger of eating fresh veggie outside because they might not clean it well and might contains salmonella and whatsoever virus. But those veggies are great with BBQ meats.

I had 2 times meals in same korean restaurant, the food was great but first time I got diarrhea, 2nd time tonight i felt bloated and felt like big air balloon. My hubby didnt have the same symptoms, he was fine on both occassions. I ate lots of sesame leaves and garlic. Now i'm worry if any of them has caused danger to my pregnancy.

Can anyone inform me whether fresh veggies is actually fine for first trisemester pregnancy? Especially sesame leaves and garlic? I googled but failed to find connection between sesame leaves and pregnancy. Garlic is ok according to some sources.

I've been having terrible heartburn, gastric, backache and bloating. I drank ginger tea and take Mylanta for gastric. I had the same problem even before pregnancy but it's getting worse after I'm pregnant. Anyone had same experience? I'm week 7 and no morning sickness yet.

Thanks in advance for all mommies and daddies :)
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Postby Medea » Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:31 am

May be hot food doesn't agree with you right now?

A friend of mine who always drank black tea for breakfast and during the day - well, while being pregnant she couldn't drink tea at all. It made her sick.

And it may be the same with sesame leaves too? Fresh leaves can cause a balloon belly, I'm just thinking of fresh spinach or leaves of turnip cabbage etc.

I think I would try to find out, which veggies are fine and which not: may be start with "simple" vegetables like potato, carrots, pumpkin ....

Camomile and fennel tea help against winds.
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Postby lilstar » Sat Jul 19, 2008 11:18 pm

Thanks, I really have to avoid spicy food and veggies like cabbage, beans, those which can cause extra gas.
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