It is a place to put all the information about specific topics in one place so like minded people can share. So members of the site can start a group based on Food, or Web Design, or Cars for instance. It also can be a place for not-for-profit organizations to get a web presence and to get in front of larger online community. Even of your organization has a site, you can still benefit by being online on Shanghaiexpat.
  • A Group for global sourcing professionals to meet up, connect, chat issues and strategies... Open to Professionals involved in Sourcing

    Lastest activity update : Tue, 2010-07-06 09:36
    Tags : Global Sourcing, Sourcing, Sourcing Professionals
  • Special Tour Club 123 members

    special tour, experience, venture, life events

    Lastest activity update : Sat, 2010-08-07 14:07
    Tags : beach, car, drink, events, experience, food, holiday, hotel, jet, lake, leisure, life, resort, sea, spa, spring, tour, tourism, travel, venture, yacht
  • Speed of Light 168 members

    A group for photographers (in particular) and photography (in general).

    Lastest activity update : Sat, 2009-11-14 16:45
    Tags : camera, China, image, lens, light, photograph, photographer, photography, pic, picture, shanghai
  • A group for people interested in all things spiritual: Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga, Christian mysticism, Shamanism, art...

    Lastest activity update : Wed, 2011-02-16 12:26
    Tags : art, Buddhism, Christian mysticism, Shamanism, Taoism, Yoga
  • StudyMartialArts 93 members

    Martial / Spiritual / Healing Arts & Culture

    Lastest activity update : Sat, 2011-01-22 21:09
    Tags :
  • A group for the people who like Chinese tea, also want to learn something about Chinese tea. Events will be held for members from time to time.

    Lastest activity update : Thu, 1970-01-01 08:00
    Tags : Tea
  • Teachers 263 members

    A place for expat teachers in Shanghai to share information, stories and contacts

    Lastest activity update : Thu, 1970-01-01 08:00
    Tags : english, teachers
  • TECHNOW 1 members

    techno event from GER / AT

    Lastest activity update : Thu, 1970-01-01 08:00
    Tags : techno event music party
  • Tennis Fun 153 members

    Play Tennis around Shanghai

    Lastest activity update : Thu, 1970-01-01 08:00
    Tags :
  • Private Gentlmen's Club

    Lastest activity update : Thu, 1970-01-01 08:00
    Tags : business, Coffee, Gourmet Food, Tobacco, Wine
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