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  • Cidonie Richards
    Cidonie Richards is the Shanghai Family Editor-in-Chief. A mother of three, Cidonie comes from a strong media background in her native Australia and is loving her time in Shanghai. ...
  • Jessica Levine
    Jessica is Shanghai Family's Deputy Managing Editor. She is a writer who spent part of her childhood in Shanghai and has now returned for more adventures. ...
  • Alexandra Sheffield
    Alex is Shanghai Family's Features Editor covering beauty & wellness, among other topics. Globetrotting with her partner in crime, she's also work for publications in Spain and the UK. ...
  • Abbie Pumarejo
    Abbie is Shanghai Family's Features Editor. She moved to Shanghai in 2010 with her husband and three sons. ...
  • Emma Elliott
    Emma Elliott is Shanghai Family's Home & Style writer. She is the mother of two daughters who's passionate about writing, fashion and exploring Shanghai. ...
  • Ronni Rowland
    Ronni is a Shanghai Family writer enjoying life in the big city with her rowdy zoo of a family. Shanghai favorites include speaking Mandarin, tuk-tuk rides home & pomello. ...
  • Ryane Liao
    Ryane Liao is a high school sophomore at the Shanghai American School, Puxi. ...
  • Liz Cheung-Gaffney
    Liz Cheung-Gaffney works for NYU Law School and the US-Asia Law Institute. ...
  • Rich Rothman
    Rich is SF's "Enrich Your Life" columnist, offering advice about starting your own business, living a healthy life & more. Rich is a partner at Pure and Whole restaurants. ...
  • Kimberly Ashton
    Kimberly is a holistic health coach and nutrition consultant at Sprout Lifestyle. ...
  • Hanady Awada
    is a mom of three, food blogger and lover of all things delicious. ...
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