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 Shanghai family


  • Amanda Schofield
    Amanda is our Shanghai Family Website Manager & Editor. She is from Australia and loves theatre, cycling, yoga and hanging out with her family on the weekends. ...
  • Cidonie Richards
    Cidonie Richards is the Shanghai Family Managing Editor. A mother of three, Cidonie comes from a strong media background in her native Australia and is loving her time in Shanghai. ...
  • Jessica Levine
    Jessica is our Shanghai Family Deputy Editor. She is a writer who spent part of her childhood in Shanghai and has now returned for more adventures. ...
  • Rich Rothman
    Rich is our new "Enrich Your Life" columnist, offering great advice about starting your own business, living a healthy life & more. Rich is a partner of Pure and Whole restaurants. ...
  • Kimberly Ashton
    Kimberly is an Australian with a passion for good food and healthy lifestyles. She is Shanghai Family's nutrition columnist. ...
  • Darcie Hunter
    Darcie Hunter is a former event planner, expat mom of three and a committed foodie. ...
  • Liz Cheung-Gaffney
    Liz Cheung-Gaffney works for NYU Law School and the US-Asia Law Institute. ...
  • Ryane Liao
    Ryane Liao is a 14-year-old high school freshman at the Shanghai American School, Puxi. ...
  • Emma Elliott
    Emma Elliott is a contributor & blogger. She is the mother of 2 daughters and this is her family's first move to Asia. She's embracing this adventure with open arms and loving it! ...
  • Ronni Rowland
    Ronni is a Shanghai Family Editor enjoying life in the big city with her rowdy zoo of a family. Shanghai favorites include speaking Mandarin, tuk-tuk rides home, & pomello. ...
  • Rebecca Curtin
    Hailing from Australia, Rebecca is one of our contributing writers to the magazine. She loves writing, swimming and exploring Shanghai with her army of small children. ...
  • Abbie Pumarejo
    Abbie moved to Shanghai in 2010 with her husband and three sons. Abbie is an active supporter of several charitable organisations and her family enjoys entertaining with good food, wine and lots of laughter! ...
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