Global Health Care Plan from AXA

Global Health Care Plan from AXA

Postby AXA_Garyli » Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:56 pm

AXA-Minmetals Assurance has newly launched a series of Global Medical Plan, which features reasonable rate, excellent coverage, better services and many more. The whole package perfectly meets your needs as an expatriate, international business executive or student. I believe I can offer you, your family members and your friends such an excellent plan so you can relax, enjoy yourself and focus on your family, career and quality of life in China.

Key Features Include
· A legally registered Rmb or US$ medical insurance policy.
· Worldwide medical insurance cover at a hospital of your choice.
· Overall limits up to US$ 3.4 Million with few hidden sub-limits.
· Comprehensive benefits with an option to include maternity.
· Multi-lingual 24 Hour international emergency assistance and evacuation service
· Security assistance through our exclusive relationship with Red24 – Global Security Specialists
· A valuable no claims discount – up to 20% off your premium after 3 years.
· Family friendly pricing – you only pay for one in four children included as dependents.
· Compassionate emergency benefits to visit a critically ill close family member.
· Discounted rates & plan flexibility for corporate groups and their families.

Call 021- 3857 9590 / 99 or 150 0080 4830 Gary Li for free quotation.
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Postby lostatsea » Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:03 pm

sounds interesting, cant wait to be on the spam list :sick::
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