hair rebonding / extenso

hair rebonding / extenso

Postby andie75 » Tue Jan 16, 2007 11:58 am

hi guys! can you recommend salons who can do good hair rebonding? do salons here use loreal's product of straightening which is called EXTENSO?

can you also include some price estimates for hair length: below the shoulders (armpit or chest area)???

thank you.
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Postby lyntc10 » Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:44 am

This is a little late, but I just saw this. I actually JUST got my hair straightened with Loreal Extenso in Shanghai at the Eisa Salon (not the one by the Gubei Carrefour, but the other one, I'm not sure what the area is called, but it's like 10-15min away from the HongQiao zoo) I got there this past Thursday night at like 8:45 and originally just planned to get a haircut but I had been thinking about getting it straightened and the lady washing my hair actually suggested it (instead of urging me to get my hair thinned) so i agreed. You have a couple of choices, like 880 and a 440 rmb. I had the 880 done and I have THICK THICK hair that comes down to around the middle of my chest. (They used the whole tube of extenso). I ended up staying there until 2am and they didn't complain about it being so late or anything at all. (They close at 10:30). They were really nice, offered me water, tea and magazines. By 2am there were still 4 people left (the head stylist/cutter) and 3 of the younger ones who just cut and wash hair. They made some small talk with me, etc. (I speak Chinese, but not perfectly) My hair was AMAZING when it was all done. It had that perfect grass blade look and was extremely shiny. It hasnt gotten frizzy at all (which is amazing considering it's Shanghai) and I can actually wear my hair down without it looking HORRIBLE. If you decide to get it done there, you might want to consider getting a card (it costs 1000rmb but it gives you 50% off of everything). And if you read this and consider getting it done there, I can give you my name to see if it'll get you a discount.
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