Popular Web series needs product placement and sponsorship.

Popular Web series needs product placement and sponsorship.

Postby santamonicaboy » Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:37 am

Red is the new black and Shanghai is the new L.A., baby!

Shanghai once was the center of Asian film making and is returning to
it strength. One sign of that is the rising number of the foreign
co-productions coming to China. Another is that WISEHIT episode 7
reached the finals on the Yobi.tv international talent comedy contest
All of our friends here in the great city of Shanghai and around the
world can vote in the upcoming contest final this November to help put
Shanghai back on the map alongside Hollywood and Bollywood.

Wise Hit is the most-watched television show on http://www.koldcast.tv/show/wise-hit

We are also seeking product sponsorships. Since Wisehit is an
successful internet web series, and with a ridiculously high
viewership. We want to help out the community by giving some exposure
to the businesses in our community. contact us to see how you can get

Wisehit was also made as a sample of Branded Entertainment. A movie or
web series made to feature a brand throughout. You will notice the
frequent references to “the package” in Wisehit. When I wrote this it
was a ‘dry run’ of branded entertainment and my vision was that a
company could envision their product as the package that everyone in
Shanghai wants to get their hands on.

If you are interested in opportunities in branded entertainment, we
are connected to some of the top writers. Marketing and PR talents,
and film makers. We can write and produce an exciting and entertaining
web series that focuses on your brand and is far more powerful than
advertisements since it features your brand in media that the audience
seeks out rather than ads that audiences are forced to sit through.
For more information contact us at: lemontreeproduction@gmail.com
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