Teach me English and I'll invite u to dinner

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Teach me English and I'll invite u to dinner

Postby Tino.Cai » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:29 pm

Hi!! :) :) :)

I'm Tino,30 Y.O. living in the bund area.
I already speak some English(maybe medium level, atleast I think so)

I love traveling,I have been to a dozen of coountries and I will be travel to the United States in Chinese New Year,

So I'd like to looking for some one(medium level in Chinese :lol: )and who want to improve the language skills.To be a language partner(from US will be better)

I'm not looking for serious lessons, I think it's more like as friends chat, eat dinner, take a look at what's on.
Might one day we all speak English and all in Chinese next day, so that we can help each other, I also think this is probably the fastest way of learning a language.

forgive me for saying too much,if you are interested,

please contact: 254628583@qq.com

wechat: gaohuiji
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