Two senior cats who are in need of a great home

Two senior cats who are in need of a great home

Postby etoryk » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:37 pm

My husband and I are currently working in Shanghai, but will soon be retiring in April. We have two cats (our fur babies) with us here in Shanghai that we brought from the U.S. when we came to China. After we retire and leave China in mid April, we will not have a home and we will be traveling full time around the world for many years and will therefore no longer be able to own and care for our babies. We have owned them since they were kittens. Both are rescues that we adopted while in the U.S. Scratchy (black and white tuxedo cat) is soon to be 14 years old and Loki (white and orange) is soon to be 13 years old. It breaks my heart to give them up, but I have no other choice. Neither of us have any family or friends that are able to take in these two back in the US, and we would prefer not to have to put them through the extremely long travel experience of brining them back to the US to only be faced with the same situation of trying to find a good home for them there.

They are the loves of my life and I want them to live out the rest of the lives in a good home with someone who will love them as much as I do. They have never been around dogs or kids, so they probably would be a bit afraid at first, but likely will warm up with time. Scratchy is a lover, and is my little shadow. I always joke that he is addicted to me because he just can’t seem to leave my side. He follows me all around, sleeps on my lap and sleeps at my hip all night. He is also a talker and will talk to you anytime you talk to him. Despite being 14, he still has a lot of play in him and he loves to chase his toys around the apartment. Loki is a bit more timid. She is quite overweight and has been that way her whole life – no diets or diet food have worked for her. Even when she was a kitten and we took her for her first check up after picking her up from the ASPCA, the vet thought she was bloated with worms because she had such a fat belly. But it turned out she didn’t have worms… she’s just fat! She is afraid of new people and she is very timid. She will warm up to strangers with a lot of time (think of it as a challenge for you!). I would prefer they stay together since they have lived with each other now for almost 13 years, but I would just be happy to have a good home for either of them so would be ok with separating them. They are healthy and fully vaccinated, no fleas or worms. Both were neutered and spayed as kittens. They are as active as any 13 and 14 year old, and love to sleep in the sunshine.

Please consider adopting my babies – they are the loves of my life (after my husband of course). We don’t have many friends in Shanghai so I am trying this forum as a way to reach more people, as well as I will be contacting rescue groups in Shanghai (as I have seen a list provided by PPAR on many posts in this forum).
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Re: Two senior cats who are in need of a great home

Postby The Silentist » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:09 pm

Hello Etoryk,

You have two lovely cats!

I adopted a kitten last year at one of the PPAR events in Hongqiao, they may be able to help you with your two babies. I believe that they have monthly adoption fairs.

Good luck!
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