Wellon Transformer Tank Hot Selling In USA 2017

Wellon Transformer Tank Hot Selling In USA 2017

Postby wellon » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:11 pm

Hi Vapers,
This thread Wellon want to introduce you an awesome vape tank, named Wellon Transformer Tank.
It's nice vape tank, and Hot Selling In USA 2017.
Here are some pictures of Wellon Transformer Tank.
Wellon Transformer Tank Introduce
The tank that comes with this kit is rather interesting.
It’s 47.6mm tall, 22mm in diameter and holds 4ml of liquid.
It’s a bit tall for my liking but that’s a minor complaint.
It is however the first sub-ohm tank that I’ve seen that has middle airflow.
As in the airflow comes in from the middle, not the top and not the bottom.
It works similar to a top airflow tank in this regard but the air actually has less distance to travel.
Whatever you do. Enjoy your life and keep vaping with Wellon Ripple.

Learn more Transformer Tank at WellonTech.com
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