First experience as an Architect in Shanghai

First experience as an Architect in Shanghai

Postby JeremyC » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:02 am


I'm currently studying Architecture in France. I'll be a Master's Degree student at the end of June, and I was thinking of looking for a first job in Shanghai. I already did an exchange year in China and carried out an internship in Shanghai last summer. I have an idea of the cost of living there, but no idea of what could a first salary for a young graduate (even if i know it depends on the skills, companies...) ? I tried to search on the Internet, but it seems like so different.
Also if you want to share you experience as an Architect in Shanghai, you are welcome ; ) if you have any regrets ? advantages ? disadvantages ? Chinese/international firm ? language spoken at work ? any advice ?

Thank you in advance,

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