Published November 10, 2017

1,420 Suspects Arrested In Massive Chinese Gangland Bust

By Johnny Roast Beef

The golden age of being a gangster in China might be on the verge of sleeping with Hunan Double Pepper Fish Head. 1,420 suspects affiliated with 130 gangs operating across 21 cities have been detained across South China for crimes ranging from operating underground casinos to extortion to drug dealing. 


The most high profile bust was of 140 gangsters, who were busted at a Shenzhen banquet with metal bars and knives. According to SCMP, they had been accused of 128 crimes including gang fighting and vandalism. One of the gangs was headed by two brothers and had been operating since 1999. Probably should've put the gang in their mother's name as a wedding gift.




"Leave the katana! Take the xiaolongbao!"


The bust is part of a province-wide crackdown against organized crime, that no doubt stemmed from Xi's recent clampdown on graft.




"Dinner in prison was always a big deal. We had a fangbianmian course, and then a chou gui yu or a red-braised pork. Wang had a wonderful system for doing the bok choy. He used a ninja star and he used to slice it so thin it would liquefy in the wok with a little hoisin."


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