Published May 19, 2017

50 Year Old From Chengdu To Take College Test For The 21st Time

After 20 years of failure he's still not giving up

By Jordan Harris


50-year-old Liang Shi from Chengdu is attempting to get into college for the 21st time as he studies once more for China's 'gaokao'. He first sat the test back in 1983 and has failed it every year since. 


Mr Shi is determined to eventually pass the exams and be admitted into Sichuan University's mathematics department, a feat which requires a score of 620 out of 750. Shi's highest score so far is 453 points, meaning he has a little way to go if he's gonna pass the test this year. We've got to hand it to him though, he's insanely determined.


“Without college experience, you live a handicapped life,” said Shi. Interestingly, however Shi is already a successful self-made businessman. After failing the test four years in a row after high school he gave up an started his own business. He then began sitting the test again in 2001 and has failed to meet the necessary score ever since. He's been studying like crazy recently, from 9am to 11pm every day in preparation for the next exams which will be held from June 7th to 9th. 



Making notes like crazy


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