Published July 14, 2017

African Suffers Heatstroke In Beijing After Mercury Hits 36

By Ben Cost

You know things are heating up in China when a man from the Sub-Saharan region can't handle it. That's right, an African tourist suffered heat stroke in Beijing's Tiananmen (Tan-A-Man?) Square after the Mercury struck a searing 36 degrees.


The unnamed 60-year-old complained of dizziness while perusing the teppan-like tourist site, and sought assistance from a nearby police officer, who called a medic to the scene. 


According to SCMP, the man's blood pressure and body temperature were elevated, both telltale signs of heat stroke. He was prescribed a short rest in the shade, where he recovered quickly and went about his day.


Unfortunately, the temps for the upcoming week are forecast to be equally searing, averaging around 33 degrees celsius over the seven days. Shanghai will be even more searing with an average forecast of 36 degrees over the next week. 


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