Published September 10, 2017

Are You A Bully? Off to a Labour Camp You Go!

By Tom Miller

According to reports, teenagers in Beijing who are found to be bullying others could face hard labour. While seemingly unethical on the surface, it turns out that the idea is actually quite an educational one.


Bullies will have to undertake a form of community service as penance and teachers will decide whether they should return to the classroom following their punishment. 14 bullies have so far received the punishment with one bully being slapped with a one-year and ten-month ‘sentence’! According to official statements, ‘labor’ includes military training and working in nursing homes. 





The naughty kids are between 15 and 17 years in age and started the week trial on September 4th. As aforementioned, once they’ve undergone the ‘labour’ their respective schools will decide whether to accept them back or expel them. Tongzhou Court Criminal Court Director Wei Dan said, “The original intention of military training is to consciously observe the rules in the future”. Wei told reporters that the possibility of the kids going back to school to continue their studies depends on their performance. I’d hasten to guess that the treated bullies won’t be picking on anyone any time soon.




The new punishments will also include court case attendance and legal lectures. Apparently, the purpose of this is to help improve the students' discipline and help them analyze their behavior and raise their awareness of the law. So in short, make them realize what douchebags they’ve been.


Of course, netizens have had much to say with one Weibo user commenting, “People should pay attention to campus violence and punish the perpetrators." Another commented, “The sentencing is too light. They should be taught a lesson." And one user said, “These type of people should never go to school."


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