Published August 09, 2017

Beijing To Extend Rail Transit To 35 Lines, Over 1,500 Meters

By Ben Cost

Looks like the capital was quite butthurt that it constructed its maglev almost 15 years after Shanghai. So it's decided to beat us on the quantity front by extending its rail transit network to 35 lines spanning more than 1,500 meters.


These will include 21 subways, seven regional rapid rails, five medium-to-small-capacity rails, and two airport express trails. If that wasn't enough, Beijing plans to construct 20 central subway lines, including their first ever self-driving subway line -- as well as a mobile payment system. The move is part of their most recent Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), which aims to double the length of the rail network in three years. 


Oh, and there's now a high-speed train running from Shanghai to Beijing. Beijing's not the only place silly-stringing its city with metro lines. Shenzhen has unveiled plans to build a huge metro network consisting of 32 lines spanning 1,142 kilometers by 2030, according to Shenzhen Daily. The super speedy construction will average nearly two new lines and 80 kilometers of track per year if all goes to plan.


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