Published October 10, 2017

Cheating Boyfriend’s Car Ruined With Lipstick and Sanitary Pads

By Tom Miller

A scorned girlfriend got epic revenge on her boyfriend by "decorating" his ride with expletives scrawled in lipstick and sanitary pads.




The girl in question had reportedly caught her scumbag boyfriend cheating on her so she decided that the best way to f*** with him was to go all nursery kid on his car and write "scumbag" and "f*** you" on his car with lipstick. To put a cherry on top, she then adorned his vehicle with a delightful array of sanitary pads, just to give it that extra je ne sais quoi.




The artistic arrangement was written using the Chinese characters for "scumbag" and "a**hole" on the car windows.




Shots captured on a mobile phone show a white Hyundai car parked outside a spa centre in Cangzhou, Hebei, plastered with sanitary products.


Colorful phrases like "F*** you!" and "Heartless man" were marked on the car's bonnet and doors. However, there were no signs of the boyfriend or girlfriend in the footage. 




Web commentators agreed that the man should be grateful that the girlfriend did not use used sanitary pads


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