Published September 12, 2017

Chengdu Delivery Man Replaces Customer's Soup With His Urine

Tastes a little too salty...

By Jordan Harris

A delivery man in Chengdu drunk his customer's soup she was sending to her husband because he "couldn't find any water" at the time, and if that wasn't bad enough he then went on to replace the beverage with his own urine...


The woman was sending home-made red bean soup for her husband as he had been working long overtime hours for two days straight, deciding to use the service which guaranteed inter-city delivery within 60 minutes. The delivery man, named Xiao, handed the beaker to her husband, who later opened it up to his disgust, most likely wondering if this was some weird kinky fetish that his wife had. After calling up his wife she told him the soup was freshly cooked and there shouldn't be anything wrong with it, prompting him to call Xiao back and ask what the hell had happened.


Xiao quickly admitted what he'd done and told him he was thirsty and couldn't find any water at the time, failing to explain however the elephant in the room of why on earth he then pissed into the beaker. He closed the call and sent 420 yuan via WeChat as compensation, which unsurprisingly the husband declined to accept.


The delivery company soon fired Xiao after it had heard what had happened with the company's operations director dubbing the incident as "the weirdest and worst incident that's ever happened since the company was established" and apologising to the unfortunate customers. Police are currently investigating into the matter.


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