Published November 14, 2017

China Builds Satellite Dish That Will Find Aliens First

By Tom Miller


China has built the world’s biggest satellite dish in a move that will see them locate and contact aliens before anyone else. Apparently.


Over the past few years, China has been ploughing billions upon billions into boosting their space program and become an astro-powerhouse. Clearly it’s sick of America and Russia stealing all the headlines. Last year the Middle Kingdom fired its brand new lab Tiangong 2 into low orbit – joining only the US and Russia.


However, this feat was overshadowed by the reports that they’ve lost control of Tiangong 1 which is now hurtling to earth and we have no idea when or where it’s going to crash. Harvard astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell, and many others have reported that parts such as the rocket engines are probably too dense and tough to be burnt up upon re-entry. This may result in chunks of debris up to 100kg in weight falling to the Earth's surface, with little possibility of predicting where they may crash. Fan-bloody-tastic…Keep your eyes open for stray rocket engines lads.




Recently, there has been a ridiculous amount of claims that people have spotted UFOs and extra-terrestrial thingies all over China…Including claims that a UFO was seen over the Great Wall last week. We’d like to think that a few delusionals haven’t caused the building of the world’s largest dish in order to detect alien signals coming from other galaxies.


Chinese President Xi Jinping said the expensive project would, “Enable us to take larger and further steps in space exploration, and make new contributions to building up China as a space power”. Just what we need, China to start building artificial islands in space.


The dish in question has a massive 500 metre diameter and is an Aperture Spherical Telescope and is about twice the size of the US’ Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Liu Cixin, Chinese researcher into alien life, described the dish as something “out of science fiction”. Mr Liu has written a number of books about the risks of first contact and warns that the “appearance of this ‘other’” could end with mankind’s extinction. In one of his books, he said: “Perhaps in ten thousand years, the starry sky that humankind gazes upon will remain empty and silent. “But perhaps tomorrow we’ll wake up and find an alien spaceship the size of the Moon parked in orbit.”




Last year even Professor Stephen Hawking said: “we should be wary of answering back. “Meeting an advanced civilization could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus.”


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