Published September 08, 2017

China Cracking Down On WeChat Groups Ahead Of Party Congress

By Ben Cost

It might be time to call a moratorium on posting nude pics, execution videos and other lewd content on WeChat and Weibo. China will be cracking down on online chat groups starting on October 8, just ahead of the Party Congress.


The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) are requiring group chat managers to "verify the identities of the users and keep the blogs and logs of the group chats for at least six months" according to Reuters


The CAC-blocks plan to enforce the new policy via a credit system. Those who violate the terms will have their score lowered, their manager status removed and be reported to the relevant authorities. All the major social networks will be subject, including WeChat, Alipay Chat, QQ, Sina Weibo, and Tieba.


While they have yet to outline the specific terms, we advise steering clear of politically-sensitive topics and overtly sexual material. China is now censoring these phrases in wake of the DPRK hydrogen bomb test. 


Pic via SCMP


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