Published April 11, 2017

China Deploys 150,000 Troops To North Korean Border In Case Of US Strike

The gauntlet has been thrown

By Jordan Harris


According to a Korean news agency, China has sent 150,000 troops and medical supplies to the border with North Korea in case of "unforeseen circumstances" ie. the United States carrying out military strikes in the Hermit Kingdom causing a refugee crisis at the border. 


President Xi met Trump for the first time last week at his "Southern Whitehouse" in Florida. One of the main points of discussion was allegedly clamping down on North Korea. It's unclear what exactly they discussed but would most likely have been about increasing trade sanctions against the country rather than conducting missile strikes. However, this most recent action points to the possibly that Xi feels there is a chance of something escalating in the region.


'Gimme some skin bruva'


Trump also sent an aircraft carrier and three guided missile destroyers to the the Korean peninsula over the weekend instead of conducting drills near Australia as was scheduled. The move was most likely in retaliation to North Korea's latest missile tests which took place just before Xi and Trump's meeting. 


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