Published September 11, 2017

China Planning To Ban Petrol And Diesel Cars

Payday for Tesla

By Jordan Harris


China is currently looking at formulating a ban on the production and sale of petrol and diesel cars and vans, in the next drastic effort to curb the ever present pollution in the country. 


The vice minister of industry for the Middle Kingdom, Xin Guobin said they had started started the "relevant research" into the polluting vehicle ban but that they hadn't yet decided when it would be implemented. "Those measures will certainly bring profound changes for our car industry's development," Xin said to Chinese reporters. He went on to further state that the auto industry in China faced “turbulent times” as they start to adapt and make the switch to producing new energy vehicles.


The UK and France have already announced a ban on petrol and diesel vehicles that they'll start from 2040, giving them plenty of time in between to switch over. 


Currently several large car firms such as Renault-Nissan, Ford and General Motors are looking to develop electric cars in China. The country plans to convert one fifth of its vehicle sales to electric and plug-in hybrids by 2025 and will first require 8% of automakers' sales to be electric or hybrids by next year.



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