Published October 12, 2017

China Puts Britain On Back Burner To Make Way For Trump

By Tom Miller

At the time of writing, Theresa May is still Prime Minister of Britain, but for how much longer…meh…we’ll see. Anyhoo, she has been forced to delay a trade mission to China, apparently to make way for the other massive cockwomble of the West, Donald Trump.


According to reports, the British trade mission was due to take place next month, Downing Street was surely hoping it would show post-Brexit Britain as ready to ‘thrive on the world stage’. I shall try to hide my skepticism. 


However, the plans have been put on hold after Beijing apparently decided it needed to prioritize an Asian tour by the US president -- perhaps to discuss the piss-take that is the "North Korean situation."


Analysts reckon this setback is embarrassing for the British Government…as myriad numbers of business leaders are said to have been approached to accompany the PM with an aim to forge closer links with the world's second-largest economy. Nice try Theresa…Nice try.



Sources told Sky News in the UK that the visit had been scheduled for the week of November 6, a time when Parliament is due to be in recess. But alas, that nice Mr Trump is set to visit five Eastern countries, including China and Japan, around that time.


British Ministers have been eager to demonstrate how amazing Britain is without those EU bureaucrats ruining our party, with the Mrs May making trips to India, the Middle East and Japan.


theresa may protestor.jpg

The old bat met Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Hangzhou last year and she banged the drums, telling anyone who would listen that it marked a "golden era" for Sino-UK relations and said she was determined to deepen ties. 


Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable (who has the charisma of a teaspoon) said, “This postponement shows Britain is well down the list of Chinese priorities. All those promised free trade deals that we were told would be easy seem to be gradually disappearing”. Yeup…ah well, good ole Brexit eh?


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