Published January 05, 2018

China Rolls Out Free 10-Year Visas For 'High-End Talent'

By Jordan Harris


China has rolled out new and easy visas for 'high-end talent' hoping to lure in top specialists and business people to move there. The first 'Certificate for Foreign High-end Talent' was issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs yesterday. 


Those who qualify for the certificate can then apply for either the five or 10 year multiple entry visa, which are given free of charge and allows for stays of 180 days. 


The new policy is aimed at foreign specialists with expertise mainly in science and technology. Government guidelines states it also extends to: Nobel Prize winners, chief or deputy editors in Chinese state media, foreign coaches and players in national and provincial sports teams, postdoctoral students from world-class universities outside China along with foreigners who earn at least six times the average annual wage in China according to SCMP


Such visas can also be fast-tracked for free taking just a day to process. Spouses and children of any high-end talents can also be granted the same visa. 


Back in September last year, Chinese premier Li Keqiang announced China was in need of a more open policy for foreign experts while the country is at a critical stage in economic restructuring. 


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