Published October 10, 2017

China Submits Uber-Nationalistic Movie For Oscar Nomination

By Joe Buddha


While many countries opt to submit artsy epic movies with incredible storylines such as La Vita è Bella for consideration for the Oscar for best foreign-language, China has opted to go the other way this year and has instead put forward the uber-nationalistic blockbuster - Wolf Warrior 2.



Based mostly in Africa, Wolf Warrior 2 follows the story of a former member of the Wolf Warrior special forces as he races through a war-torn African country to save medical workers from local rebel forces. Throughout the movie the characters can be heard making fun of the US military and promoting how incredible the Chinese army is. At one point the main American protagonist even says “I guess the Chinese military isn't as lame as I thought”. The movie also closes with a shot of a Chinese passport with the text “Citizens of PRC, if you run into danger when abroad don't give up. Remember you have a strong country behind you!"



The movie's stars holding the now infamous passport message.


While undoubtedly China’s biggest box-office success, raking in US$852 million since its release, we can’t help but feel that putting Wolf Warrior 2 forward for a nomination would be like the US putting forward Rambo: First Blood or Top Gun. Great movies but hardly Oscar-worthy nominations.



China, f*ck yeah! Coming again to save the motherf*ckin' day, yeah!


China has twice been nominated for the best foreign-language film category. 1990’s Ju Dou and 2002’s Hero were both directed by Zhang Yimou but neither managed to seal the deal  and take home the Oscar on the night.


Watch the trailer for Wolf Warrior Below:


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