Published November 08, 2017

China's 2018 Public Holidays Announced


By Dan Entwistle


Great news holidaymakers, it seems the 2018 holiday schedule has leaked a few weeks earlier than usual this year!


While we've officially been granted 27 days off by the powers that be, once you factor in the weekends that the holidays cross over and the make-up days we have to pay back we actually only get 11 days off, the same as this year.


To make it easier for you to visualise, we've thrown together a handy printable calendar, but if you want the holidays listed out you can find them below.


Public Holidays 2018_0.jpg


New Year's Day - January 1st is off with no make-up days.


Spring Festival - falls between February 15 and Wednesday 21 with make-up days on February 11 and February 24.


Tomb Sweeping - from April 5 to April 7 with April 8 being a make-up day. 


Labour Day - between April 29 and May 1 with April 28 being a make-up day.


Dragon Boat - falls between June 16 and June 18 with no make-up days.


Mid-Autumn Festival - from September 22 to September 24 with no make-up days.


Golden Week - between October 1 and October 7 with September 29 and 30 being make-up days


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