Published July 17, 2017

China’s Heaviest Man Loses 70kg in 5 Months

Love seeing these stories of guys turning their lives around

By Amay Aggarwal


Thinking of going on a diet, or maybe joining that evening Zumba class? Let 26-year-old Huang Jiaxin be your new weight-loss motivation. Formerly weighing 265kg, China’s heaviest man is now set to be released from hospital after losing 70kg in the space of a mere 5 months.



Cue the Rocky training montage


Jiaxin was the subject of unwanted attention earlier this year, when he fell down on a sidewalk in Wuhan. It took 20 people a whopping 2 hours to lift him back up on to a stretcher and get him to the hospital. To his embarrassment, the story soon went viral on Chinese social media. Poor guy…


Since then, Jiaxin has been on a strict weight-loss program. He undertook a “sleeve gastrectomy” earlier this year to reduce the size of his stomach, and has also been undergoing extensive physical training to help him lose some more mass.



All that weight loss is helping him get the ladies


His doctor Liu stated “We don’t want him to lose weight too quickly because that will lead to physical dysfunctions. Our plan is designed to help him gradually, slowly and consistently shed weight, and we project he could be reduced to about 100 kilograms a year after the sleeve gastrectomy.”


Imagine losing 150 kilograms in the space of a year, roughly the weight of 2.5/3 Chinese girls. Now that’s one hell of a diet.